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2008 Dodge Power Wagon

Dodge has always been known for their “Ram Tough” trucks and the 2008 Dodge Power Wagon is no exception.  The Dodge Power Wagon has plenty of great attributes and for those that rely on their truck for heavy towing and use for work, you will find that this 4×4 is a real winner.  The Dodge Power Wagon offers the current HD Ram body style and while it may be phased out in 2010, it is still attractive.

2008 Dodge Power Wagon dodge power wagon

Heavy Duty Performance
The Full size ¾ ton Dodge Power Wagon is an incredible vehicle and one of the very best on the road today.  Besides being a great and powerful tower this vehicle is also good off road on the trail.  What makes this truck a heavy duty winner and one of the best overall, is that it includes a very powerful V8 engine, 33 inch BF Goodrich all terrain tires, Bilstein shocks, very solid axles, front and rear lockers, a Warn winch and rocker that is standard and much, much more.

One of the Best Four Wheel Drive Systems
Besides having plenty of great features, the Dodge Power Wagon also comes with one of the best four wheel drive systems in the industry.  While many of today’s vehicles come with lots of technology that for many is unreliable and becomes hard to work with the Dodge Power Wagon still includes great basics including axels that are solid and include front and rear lockers that are lever activated.

The Interior
Today, more and more of us are using our 4×4’s as our off site offices and a little added luxury is much appreciated.  The Dodge Power Wagon definitely adds some nice trims that make it easier to get work done from the road.  The price, while a little steep is still well worth it- considering its value at about $40K.

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