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2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

For those that love the practicality of a SUV, but are having a difficult time swallowing the incredibly high gas prices, one SUV that has become popular is the Ford Escape Hybrid. The Ford Escape Hybrid offers plenty of function, great styling and an environmentally friendly hybrid engine. The Escape is back as a hybrid and even though Ford has been having difficulty in this market, expect to see much more of the new ford escape for sale in the coming months.

2009 Ford Escape Hybrid ford escape hybrid

The 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid comes in four flavors, a 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive and a limited trim edition which also comes in a 2 or 4 wheel drive model.  While the limited edition adds additional features and badging, it should be noted that the engines in all 4 of these models are the same.  Equipped with a 4 cylinder 2.5 liter, hybrid engine that offers satisfactory performance at 94 hp.  While you shouldn’t expect whip lash performance, this SUV is perfect for many commuters that require added functionality with very good gas mileage, plus the escape can be great for some tame off roading- especially with the 4 wheel drive models.

Gas mileage is very nice for an SUV.  The 2 wheel drive models (both standard and trim) get a very nice 34 mpg on the highway and 31 in the city.  However, you lose some gas mileage with the 4 wheel drive versions- 29 mpg highway and 27 in the city.

For those that are looking for an affordable hybrid SUV, the 2009 Ford Escape definitely impresses.  For those on a budget, you can find a 2 wheel standard model for about 27K, however the 4 wheel drive limited will top out at about 35K.

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