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2009 Ford F150 FX4

We all know that the F150 is Ford’s bread and butter which is why many truck lovers expect a lot from any truck with the F150 badge on it.  The 2009 model is no exception and one of the better trim levels is the F150 FX4.  If you require a tough truck that is able to handle constant work load, the daily grind and towing recreational items, along with business items back and forth- the F150 FX4 definitely does not disappoint.  While this ½ ton ford truck is quite capable, after driving it, it really does think it’s a ¾ ton truck- which is good news for buyers.

2009 Ford F150 FX4 ford f 150 20091

Under the Hood of the 2009 Ford F150 FX4
As far as engines go, most that have bought F150 trucks before have had their share of a large choice of engines- this model year is no exception.  Expect the following engine choices depending on what type of power and utility you need from it.  A 2V 4.6 liter V8 with a four speed automatic or a 3V 5.4 liter V8 with a new six speed automatic transmission.  These engines should bring horsepower near 320 with 375 lb foot of torque.  It should also be noted that fuel economy is up for this year’s model as well.

The FX4 Package
With the FX4 package, you get very generous cabin trims and features.  If you use your F150 as an office when off site, you will love the amount of space inside the cabin and the many features that make this truck very comfortable. Towing capability is also great with a max towing capacity of 11,300 pounds.  All in all this truck is one of the best on the road and one of the best F150’s every to come out of Detroit.

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