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2009 GMC Canyon

While GMC is known for its mid size and larger, professional grade trucks, one vehicle that is getting noticed, especially by budget conscious customers is the GMC Canyon.  The GMC Canyon is a budget friendly truck that comes in three basic models, a regular cab, extended cab and crew cab.  Perfect for small businesses or for those that require power the Canyon offers plenty of options and several engines available- all of which are competent.  In addition, 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive models are available.  While not a star like the F 150 or Dodge Ram, the GMC Canyon is making a name for itself and for those that like the GMC brand, you won’t be disappointed.

2009 GMC Canyon gmc canyon 2009

A Choice of Engines to Choose From
One of the reasons the Canyon is a success is the choice of engines available for this vehicle.  The smallest engine is a 2.9 liter I-4 that delivers a healthy 185 horsepower and decent fuel efficiency.  Other engines include the 3.7 liter I-5 ( a five cylinder) that delivers 242 horsepower and a 5.3 liter V8 that offers lots more power with 300 horsepower.  It should be noted that the largest engine (the 5.3 liter V8) is only available on the extended cab and crew cab body styles.  Besides several engines, there is a choice between a four speed automatic transmission and a five speed automatic transmission.

Other features include plenty of safety features that are all standard, a pair of suspension choices which include the Z85 and Z71 off road suspension and interior amenities that make driving more comfortable.  The sticker price for the 2009 GMC Canyon ranges from a very low $16,700 all the way up to about $30K making this vehicle definitely worth the look.

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