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2009 Hummer H3T

The Hummer brand is a great 4×4 vehicle and beloved (maybe only) by 4×4 enthusiasts, but the H3T is a good vehicle under a very unpopular badge name.  And while the Hummer brand is on the sales block as GM struggles to stay alive- as of yet there are no buyers.  Even with these negatives, there is no reason not to check out the 2009 model H3T.  While this four door 4×4 comes equipped with a short bed and off road capabilities, it should be noted that it does have a smaller engine and while extremely capable of simple trails will probably spend its time on the road in a long commute.

2009 Hummer H3T 2009 hummer h3t

The H3T is perfect for those that require some utility and extra room in the cabin for friends and family.  This vehicle seats five pretty comfortably and has a long enough bed to carry items as well.  The engine is decent, but for most may be a drop underpowered. The power plant is a 3.7 liter that creates 242 horsepower.  While the curb weight has yet to be announced for the 2009 model year, expect something heavy which should make fuel efficiently less than positive- but you probably knew this fact already- it’s a Hummer.

Besides a less than stellar power plant, the other components are decent and include the following:  a MA5 Five Speed Transmission, 9.1 inch clearance, a towing capacity of 5,900 max, an independent SLA suspension with torsion bar, stabilizer bar, Hotchkiss leaf springs and 16 inch Bridgestone Dueler tires with ABS.   While the Outside of this vehicle says all Hummer, the engine and components are not necessarily made for serious off roading.  However, if you just want a vehicle that is big and brawny then the Hummer H3T is a great pick.  For purists, the other Hummers are the real deal, if you have a choice, opt for Jeep than a H3T.

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