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2011 Ford Explorer gets intelligent 4×4 control system

Ford has unveiled a new electronic 4×4 control system for the new generation Explorer SUV which goes into production later this year, pretty much similar to the one in the Range Rover!

It even looks very alike to the Range Rover system but anyhow, they say that will give astonishing off-road capability to the car by optimizing powertrain behavior for specific situations and road conditions. It will control the best use of 4×4 high- and low-range engagement.

2011 Ford Explorer gets intelligent 4x4 control system ford Explorer 4x4

“One of our goals with the new Explorer is to deliver four-wheel-drive capability with easier and intuitively operated control,” said Holland. “The selectable settings are contingent upon weather and conditions, so the system is easily operated and understood. Ford terrain management makes it easier for SUV veterans, while making confidence-building Explorer capability even more accessible to segment newcomers.”

“Intelligent 4WD with terrain management works by optimizing Explorer powertrain and braking systems to best suit a variety of situations, allowing vehicle behavior characteristics to provide appropriate traction and driver control,” said Holland. “We anticipate the system will really be a stress-reducer and confidence-builder, especially when driving in adverse conditions.”

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