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2011 Ford Explorer In Dubai

As one of the major markets for the new generation Explorer, Ford counts on middle east and specifically UAE market. That’s why they’ve spent a great deal of time in the deserts of Dubai trying to refine the car for the extreme weather conditions of that country.

With a 50 percent humidity factor, the equivalent temperature can exceed 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Engineers fitted an Explorer test vehicle with interior temperature sensors in the very places where occupants would be sensitive. A majority of the adjustments the team makes to improve air conditioning performance will find their way into all Explorers.

2011 Ford Explorer In Dubai 2011 Ford Explorer dubai

Dubai also offers unique terrain characteristics to validate Explorer 4WD capabilities.

“The sweltering heat and humidity conditions of Dubai have helped us develop a better Explorer,” said Chief Engineer for Vehicle Engineering Don Ufford. “With midday temperatures pushing 125 degrees Fahrenheit – aggravated by high humidity near the sea coast – Dubai represents an ideal environment to test and validate vehicle performance in some of the world’s most extreme conditions.”

“We regularly sell close to 10,000 Explorers per year in the Middle East market,” Ufford says. “SUV drivers in this part of the world regularly use the broad range of capabilities these vehicles offer. Our rationale for testing in Dubai is simple: If we can perform well here, we can do well anywhere.”

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