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3 Top Rated 4×4’s

If you are a 4×4 enthusiast and looking for a new vehicle that is top rated in the industry, here are 3 vehicles that should definitely grab your attention.  4×4’s have come a long way since the early Jeeps and while the Jeep brand is represented in this short list, two new comers also make an appearance.  Here’s the list:

The 2008 Jeep Rubicon
Again Jeep does it again.  The Jeep Rubicon is a solid performer with a punchy engine, reliable body and very nice looks.  Perfect for the toughest trails, rock crawling or even the road, you can easily pull the top down and enjoy some fun in the sun.  The Jeep is also one of the most budget friendly 4×4’s on the list at an impressive $28K.

The Hummer H3
While not on any environmentalist’s best of the year, the Hummer H3 has a bark that is worst than its bite.  The H3 is considered a mid-size SUV and while it definitely is not full size, it does convey a bulky impression.  With a reasonably low base price of $33K, this vehicle not only performs off road, but for all you enthusiasts that like to turn heads, even if the heads have to look up, this vehicle has nice road manners and is nice looking as well.

Toyota Land Cruiser Luxury SUV
Our list would not be complete without a nice luxury SUV.  While the Land Cruiser is a hefty 4×4, many won’t ever see a dirt trail.  That is fine by many, however even with its luxury reputation the Land Cruiser is extremely comfortable in the dirt and a fine performer.  Unfortunately, the only downside is the price- starting at about $65K.

3 Top Rated 4x4’s toyota land cruiser

Well, there you have the 3 top performers for 2008, while not necessarily the best in the bunch, these 3 vehicles all have something to offer any 4×4 enthusiast.

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