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4×4 After Market Gauges

If you are a 4×4 enthusiast that is looking to get the most performance our of your vehicle, as well as keep it well maintained, most will agree receiving current and constant information on how your 4×4 performs is key.  One way to consistently get information about your vehicle is with after market gauges.  While most vehicles today, whether trucks, SUV’s and Jeeps come with a variety of gauges such as speed, temperature, tachometer, etc, they usually don’t give enough quality information that an aftermarket gauge can offer.  Here are just a few after market gauges you can add to your 4×4 to maximize performance and maintenance.

A tachometer is a great way to get a reading of the speed of your engine.  A tachometer will tell you the RPM (revolutions per minute) or how fast your engine is revving.  This information is key to shifting your vehicle better (if you have a manual transmission), knowing when you need to tune the idle and instantly knowing when your vehicle loses traction.  After market tachometers can be digital and analog and quite a few offer features such as recording high RPM or keeping a digital log of data for later examination.

Temperature Gauges
While practically every 4×4 vehicle has a temperature gauge, many aren’t that precise.  They usually just give you a big H for hot & C for cold and beyond that you are on your own.  After market temperature gauges are able to give you a more precise readings and many now include the feature of recording temperatures for later examination.

Besides a tachometer and temperature gauges, other gauges that are available aftermarket for your 4×4 include: exhaust temperature, air fuel mixture reading gauges, oil pressure gauges, voltmeters, batter power and more.

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