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4X4 Lighting Tips

Whether you are an avid off-roader or would like to customize your jeep or SUV for any environment that you come across, one category of items that are essential to 4×4’s is lighting.  While many of today’s 4×4 vehicles now come with higher quality lighting than in the past for those that hit the bogs or trails after dusk you will need high performance lighting to maximize your off-roading enjoyment and safety.  Here are just a few lighting accessories perfect for your 4×4.

4X4 Driving Lights
Two types of driving lights which are perfect for dark country roads as well as off road trails are Halogen and HID (High Intensity Discharge).  It should be noted that some municipalities have strict ordinances on the types of lighting your vehicle can have, especially when on the road.  However, both types of lighting are ideal for driving conditions.  When driving on pavement, your most important consideration will be distance.  You will usually be driving at a higher rate of speed than when off road, so make sure your lighting offers plenty of power to reach further distances.  Most stock high beams usually come to about 100,000 candlepower, so choose something more powerful.  You can find driving lights that offer 150,000, 200,000 and 300,000 candlepower.

4X4 Off Road Driving
When considering lighting for off road use, distance is not as important since your speed will be reduced.  Instead focus on lighting that not only give you straight on illumination, but also offers cornering and lateral lighting.  On the trail, you need good cornering and lateral lighting to see curves in the path, any obstacles on the periphery and brush that can damage your vehicle.  Since no trail is straight and smooth, these factors are extremely important.  Finally, besides a good lighting fixture, make sure your lighting comes with some good protection to shield the lighting from branches, gravel and debris.