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4X4 Off Roading: The Importance of a Good Winch

If you are a serious off roader and hit the dirt trails often, one of the items that you should definitely put some thought into is a winch.  A winch can be the difference between being stuck in the mud for a few hours (or days for those really unlucky) or enjoying a fun filled day in the dirt.  There are considerations you should make when choosing a winch, here are a few of them.

4X4 Off Roading:  The Importance of a Good Winch truck winch

A Good Winch is There When You Need It

You might never need a winch depending on what kind of driving you do, but when the need arises, you will kick yourself if it doesn’t perform.  Winches require a tremendous amount of energy and while cheaper winches can be a decent choice for some lighter vehicles or for those that never hit the bogs, if you are planning on using a winch for more than a few minutes, the strength of a truck battery usually doesn’t offer the amount of juice you will need for heaving winching.  A better choice for heavy duty winching is a hydraulic winch.  These winches are made to provide steady, continuous power that won’t die out after a few minutes and leave you and your vehicle in the mud.

Reliability is an Issue

Another consideration is reliability.  Many drivers don’t off road on a regular basis, however if you do, make sure you choose a winch that will last for the years to come.  Electric winches are affordable and usually good for several years however, if you are a die hard off roader and require the utmost in reliability, a hydraulic winch is usually the most reliable.  Its parts are not that complex and hydraulic winches are easy to maintain and even fix.  While a little more expensive than electric winches, most hydraulic winches are definitely worth the extra investment.

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