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4×4 Pet Travel Accessories

One of the reasons that many people buy SUV’s is that you can not only haul your kids, but your pets too.  And since many families include their pets, most SUV owners want a comfortable and sometimes even a luxurious way to travel with their pets.  For these people, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of 4×4 pet travel accessories.  4×4 pet travel accessories are not only practical, but are affordable and in many cases help you keep your vehicle in top shape without damage to it done by a pet. Here are a just a few of the most popular accessories.

Canine Covers
If you have an SUV or truck with a quality interior, the last thing you want is your dirty pooch to get mud on your leather seats or shed lots of hair onto your cloth seats.  One of the most practical and easy ways to avoid these mishaps and keep your car in pristine shape is with canine covers.  Canine covers are made from a variety of materials that simply are placed over your seat or bench.  They come in either universal sizes or can be purchased for a custom fit.  And while these covers are easy to place in your vehicle, they can come out easily as well to be cleaned.  The best part is that the price of these covers is usually less than the time and effort it costs to get your vehicle detailed after your dog or other pet make a mess.

4x4 Pet Travel Accessories canine covers

Folding Ramps
Another popular pet travel accessory for 4×4 owners is a foldable ramp.  SUV’s and trucks are high off the ground giving any older dog or smaller dog difficulty getting in.  These foldable ramps make it easy for your dog to walk into the cargo area or rear seat not only in style, but with the least amount of effort- they are also perfect for dogs with arthritis.

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