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4×4 Shackle Reverse Kits

For true 4×4 enthusiasts that want to get the most out of their 4×4 vehicle there are plenty of lift kits available.  Whether you choose a spring over axle lift (SPOA), lift springs, body lifts or shackle reverse lifts, you can get more performance out of your vehicle than a similar stock configuration.  While shackle reverse lifts are for hard core 4×4 enthusiasts, where in the past only do it yourselfers modified their suspension with these type of lifts, today you can purchase a shackle reverse kit at a few 4×4 shops.

4x4 Shackle Reverse Kits 4x4 shackle reverse kits

Why a Shackle Reverse Kit
For those off roaders that want a smoother and comfortable ride when riding off-road, a shackle reverse kit can be an option.  Shackle reverse kits are made for forest trails, desert trails and mainly open types of trails where you can reach high speeds in your vehicle.  While shackle reverse kits can be a huge benefit to smoothing out your vehicle, they are definitely not for everyone.

Shackle Reverse Kits are Made for Off Road Vehicles Only
Unfortunately, shackle reverse kits are made ONLY for off road vehicles.  The reason being is that these suspensions while making your vehicle much more smoother greatly decrease its maneuverability and safety when braking.  In hard brakes, the brake dive can be very dangerous when on the regular road.  In fact, most parts of the country have made these types of modifications illegal.  However, if you are an off road enthusiast, shackle reverse kits can give you a ride that is unavailable from a regular stock configuration.

Besides not being for street vehicles, shackle reverse kits are best for those vehicles that have longer wheel bases.  Do not put this type of lift system on a short wheel base 4×4.

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