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4×4 Tips for Beginners Part 1

4×4 off roading is loads of fun, but many that are new to this sport can find themselves in a ditch or with ruined vehicle if they don’t take the time to learn the fundamentals of 4×4.  Here are just a few tips that not only debunk some of the myths out there, but also give you a good heads up the next time you hit the trails in your 4×4 vehicle.

Gas, Speed and Knowing Your Limits
First off, one of the best ways to get yourself into trouble on the trail is to overdo it.  First off, the gas pedal is your friends in most situations, yes giving your vehicle gas can help you get over many obstacles and help with traction; however, it can also put you in jeopardy as well.  Not every obstacle’s solution is more gas, understand momentum, how the weight of your vehicle works on the trails and learn about the many different types of obstacles found on the road- this experience will ultimately help you when on tough dirt tracks, rock crawling or in the sand.

4x4 Tips for Beginners Part 1 chevrolet k10 off roading

It is also wise for you to know your limits.  Not only your personal limits, but your vehicles as well.  Understanding your vehicles components is a must, this obviously includes clearance heights, types of tires you have, the suspension you have, etc.  In addition, if you feel like testing yourself ride with another vehicle whose driver is experienced- in the case you find yourself in a ditch.  The buddy system works well and will not only help you learn how much more experienced drivers overcome the toughest obstacles, but they will be there for you if trouble arises.  Obviously, these are just a few basic tips, but most of all when out on the trail have fun.

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