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4×4 Trucks

Some guys and girls aren’t happy with having a truck that only has on-road capability. Some guys need a truck that can do a little bit more and head off-road for some fun. That is why 4×4 trucks have become so popular in the last ten years. This increased demand for 4×4 trucks hasn’t been lost on automobile makers, either. Each of the big truck companies – Ford, Chevy, and Dodge – has turned their popular truck lines into 4×4 trucks. Though these trucks are more expensive than their two wheel drive counterpart, they offer much more versatility for the truck lover who wants to head off of the road.

4×4 trucks are used for much more than driving. Though the four wheel capability does help cars to handle better in bad conditions, most people who purchase 4×4 trucks don’t do it for the added handling. They do it because they can take these trucks anywhere and have a little bit of fun. One of the most popular uses for 4×4 trucks is mud bogging, an activity that allows 4×4 trucks to go through lots of mud and come out unscathed. In a truck that was not four wheel drive, there would be no mud bogging because the truck would be stuck in a matter of seconds.

Besides mud bogging, 4×4 trucks can be used for general off-roading. 4×4 trucks are also effective in helping to pull people out of bad situations. If one of your buddies gets his car stuck in a ditch, a four wheel drive truck can help pull him out. With a two wheel drive truck, this probably isn’t possible.

There are many reasons for getting 4×4 trucks instead of two wheel drive trucks. Though they will cost more, the benefits are well worth the extra couple of thousand dollars you will pay. The only downside to 4×4 trucks is that the gas mileage is substantially lower as compared to two wheel drive trucks.

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