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4×4 Wheel Arch Flares

If you are a serious 4×4 off road enthusiast and have added extra large or extra wide tires onto your 4×4 vehicle, one of the items that can be extremely helpful in providing your vehicle safety (along with other drivers on the road) are 4×4 wheel arch flares.  4×4 wheel arch flares are easy to install, affordable and quite practical, especially for those that have large or wide tires on their vehicle.

4x4 Wheel Arch Flares wheel arch flares

In Many Municipalities- Wheel Arch Flares are the Law
If you live in Australia, you probably already know the importance of 4×4 wheel arch flares.  These flares (typically made from rubber and even resin reinforced fiberglass) help provide your vehicle and others on the road protection from stones and other debris that can be picked up by tires during driving.  Since many high performance off road tires extend outside of a vehicle’s stock wheel well, an 4×4 wheel arch flare is the perfect and simple way to not only protect your vehicle from picked up debris, but also conform to your municipality’s law.

4×4 Wheel Arch Flares Come in a Variety of Sizes, Designs and Styles
No matter what type of make, model and year of vehicle you drive, you can usually easily find a wide variety of wheel arch flares to install onto your vehicle.  There are plenty of universal flare kits that come in standard sizes of 35mm and 65 mm as well as flare kits made for specific vehicles.  While many are traditional black, you will notice that you can easily find items that come in an assorted variety of designs or that can be customized to fit your needs.  4×4 wheel arch flares can range in price, but many sets of 4 can be found for around $250 to $350 mark.