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Antique Truck Trailers

Antique Trailers are classified usually as being manufactured between 1900 and 1959, with the simple reasoning being that anything newer than that is more likely to be using less valuable materials and to be of a lesser quality – although usually not true.  Truly old and antique trailers for trucks come from the era when trucks themselves were new – and the capacity to tow anything behind them was a marvel considering how recent the technology of combining a combustion engine to a chassis capable of true towing was.   The earliest trailers were shoddily constructed with large wooden planks held together with nails, screws, and iron ties.  These ancient artifacts are seldom found and were usually hand made – factory made flat beds were most often wooden as well, although the frames were iron or steel and bolted fast.  Antique truck trailers can still be found in some old forgotten barns in places not touched by human hand in years usually at abandoned farms and grazing land. 

Some of the more modern trailers that came about took from old wagons in the horse-drawn age, where they were sometimes literally just that – a horse-drawn wagon converted to be hauled by a car.  Others were modified with rubber tires and still had their canvas tops and sides for an “enclosed” trailer.  Laster on as technology progressed, mainly in the late twenties and thirties metal trailers became something new, and improved.  Some were liveable, becoming the first camping trailers, while others were for utilities.  The first uses of some of the more heavily armored trailers was for bank transport and prisoner transport – however the most common truck trailers were still flatbed or wooden railed.   If you are looking of antique trailers to match your old truck you will want to find one from the time period of the truck.  The newer your truck, the more likely you are to find a working trailer that needs less restoration work.