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Apply Vinyl Decals to Your 4×4 Truck

If you are looking for a great way to customize your 4×4 Jeep, truck or SUV, one of the best methods is to apply vinyl decals.  Over the last decade vinyl decals have become very popular.  There are a whole host of reasons for this popularity, but most 4×4 enthusiasts find it easy and affordable to apply vinyl decals to their vehicle, giving it a great custom look and getting your 4×4 noticed pretty quickly.  Vinyl decals are very easy to apply and while you don’t require any expensive tools or expertise, you do need to know a few things.  Here are some tips on applying vinyl decals.

Apply Vinyl Decals to Your 4x4 Truck truck vynil decals

First off, when applying vinyl decals choose which method to apply the vinyl to your vehicle.  There are two methods, the first is called the dry method and that is the method that this article will talk about, however there is another method that is used frequently- the wet method- which yields good results also.

The Dry method is pretty simple and straightforward.  First, purchase your vinyl decal for your vehicle.  It can pretty much be any size, any shape or any design you like as long as it fits in the area you would like to place it.  Vinyl decals come with a paper backing that first needs to be removed before applying, however before doing so make sure you prep your 4×4.  Wash your car thoroughly and make sure it is dry when ready to apply the vinyl decal.  You don’t want any dust, dirt or wax on your vehicle when applying the vinyl.  Even a spec of dirt will show up-making the decal unsmooth.

Once your 4×4 is spotless remove the paper backing from the decal and begin applying the edge of the decal to your vehicle.  For those that have shaky hands or don’t have any patience at all- it is best to hire a professional- it only takes a few minutes and shouldn’t cost you that much.  As you are applying the decal, make sure that there are no air bubbles underneath the vinyl- gently use a plastic widget to remove any air bubbles that may be trapped beneath the vinyl.  It should be noted that once the vinyl sticks to the vehicle it is very difficult to adjust.  You may want to use the wet method that allows you to adjust the vinyl better once applied.  Once the vinyl decal is totally applied, smooth out completely.  If you are applying it to a corner use a hair dryer to gently stretch the vinyl.  You should now be done.