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Are you ready to go Truck Camping?

Camping is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends. It is also an excellent way of getting in touch with nature and to appreciate the outdoors. It is adventurous and educational, too.

Camping is normally associated with sleeping inside tents. Well, people have now discovered that they can still go camping without putting up with muddy ground, creeping insects, and leaking tents.

Truck camping consists of a pick-up truck attached with a camper shell or even just a truck tent, and a sleeping platform. Truck tents are inexpensive and fun accessory to add to your truck.

Truck tents vary in height; some are higher inside, giving you enough room to stand up and get dressed. Others are just good for lying down. In choosing a good truck tent, you have to ask about the materials used. While most are made of fire retardant material, there might be some difference in the screen mesh material. Nylon is a strong material, but it is not UV resistant and will eventually rot in the sun.

Truck camping allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, breath fresh air, stay dry in the rain, and still have a little privacy. With truck camping, you can even bring along some cool gadgets if you have 12-volt adaptors for them. You can just plug your laptop, DVD player, or even an ice cream maker to your truck’s 12-volt power supply. For family camping, hook up a travel trailer on your truck so that there’ll be enough space for everyone to sleep on.

However, not all trucks can be fitted with truck tents. Some trucks have beds that are just too small. Generally, your truck bed, with tailgate up, should be at least 5 feet long. Trucks with hard tonneau covers can’t be installed with tents since tents need access to the tops of the sides of the bed to set up. Trucks tents may not work with trucks that have roll bars, because roll bars prevent tent installation.

So whether you’re going hunting or fishing; if you’re cross country travelers; on an out-of-town projects; or just sleepy after a long night of partying, as long as you drive a pickup truck, just pack up that truck tent and put it behind the seat and you have a rolling motel room.

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