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The Ford F-450 Super Duty Truck

For those that require plenty of hauling and towing power, you probably are looking for the brawniest truck on the market.  Today, you can find plenty of trucks that offer lots of power and performance, however one truck has the reputation that matters- the Ford F-450 Super Duty.  Ford truck owners are a loyal bunch and there is plenty of reason for being so.  For decades Ford has consistently made some of the best workhorses in the world.  The F-450 is no exception.  While it is a powerful beast, big and brawny, it is also very expensive.  We are talking over $50K fully loaded, but for businesses and contractors that need the very best, and for managing business and employees in their work using a pay stub maker is the best option for this.

The Ford F 450 Super Duty Truck ford f450 front view

Under the Hood
The F-450 offers several models, all of them with dual rear wheels.  This is mainly for extra heavy duty hauling and towing.  The Lariet is one of the highest trim levels available and offers plenty of power and brute force.  Under the hood of this trim level, you will find a huge 6.4 liter V8 turbo diesel.  This huge engine is able to tow an incredible 24,500 pounds.  We are talking a huge boat here. In addition, you will find this truck also comes with nice towing package and Ford’s towing command option.

For Serious Truckers
This vehicle is a serious truck so it is not for everyone.  Besides being as big as a huge living room inside, it is quite a heavy vehicle and is not the most easy to manuver, especially when parking or in the big city.  Inside the vehicle, you will find plenty of amenities that make this truck definitely luxury, but with a huge price tag, you pay for everything you receive.  For serious truckers this is the one for you.

Affordable 4×4’s

If you are looking for a 4×4, but have a limited budget, not to worry.  Today, you don’t have to buy a big bulky 4×4 that will break the bank.  There are plenty of vehicles available that are incredibly affordable and offer plenty of practicality and functionality, just like these toyota trucks for sale.

Affordable 4x4’s toyota rav4

If you are looking to purchase an SUV, here are some tips.

Affordable SUV Manufacturers
While you might not be able to get a Hummer or Expedition at a low cost, you can instead find plenty of affordable SUV’s on the market that offer plenty of style and functionality.  Just a few include:

Hyundai Sante Fe
The Sante Fe has been around for a few years and over this time it has converted many to the Hyundai brand name.  With decent warranties and a price tag that is right, you and your family can be travelling in style.

Kia Sorrento
The Kia Sorrento offers 4 wheel drive, plenty of room and a price tag under $25K.  Also, this SUV has been earning plenty of positive reviews.  And as the quality of this vehicle maker continues to climb, the Kia Sorrento looks more and more like a great deal and value.

Toyota RAV 4
The Toyota RAV 4 (see post image for details) has been a favourite of plenty of 4×4 enthusiasts.  For those that need a smaller size SUV with plenty of punch, the RAV 4 is definitely a great choice.  The RAV 4 is reliable, offers plenty of features and plenty of value.  The RAV 4 can be had for about $22K with decent features.

If you are looking for lots of space to carry your family, your toys or plenty of functionality and have a small budget, check out the above vehicles for 4×4’s that offer plenty of value.

The Dodge Ram 2500 is a Tough Truck

Dodge has an awesome reputation for creating some of the best trucks on the market.  For decades the Dodge Ram has proven itself as one of the best built trucks available and with its distinctive styling and plenty of convenient features the Dodge Ram continues today to be one of the top selling trucks available.  While there are models of the Dodge Ram truck including the 1500 and the brawny 3500.  For most serious truck owners that require a very strong and capable truck, the Ram 2500 fits nicely.

The Dodge Ram 2500 is a Tough Truck dodge ram 2500

Here is why:

Under the Hood of the Dodge Ram 2500
The Ram 2500 offers both a 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive configuration.  There are two engines available for the 2500.  They include the standard 5.7 liter V8 that creates 345 horsepower and 375 lb ft of torque.  This engine is quite capable for practically all drivers.  However, if you are heavy tower or hauler, you might look into the exceptional 5.9 liter Cummins turbodiesel which produces a massive 325 horses and 610 lb ft of torque.  This engine is matched with a 4 speed automatic.

The Interior of the Dodge Ram 2500
The Ram 2500 comes in plenty of configurations including a regular cab, super cab and mega cab.  It should be noted that the mega cab gives you a condo like interior, but takes a way a few inches of the bed.  Regarding the quality of the interior, inside you will find a very comfortable, roomy area with a nicely designed dash and many of the amenities that you will find in a passenger car.  Included are quite a few amenities that make working off site more manageable- as many now use their truck as a second office once on the road.

Further Readings:

Dual Wheel Pick Up Trucks

Dual wheel pick up trucks are usually considered the big, brawny grand daddy of all trucks (not including commercial trucks of course).  With a dual wheeled pick up truck, you can receive plenty of power, performance, towing capacity and hauling capacity.  Too be honest, most of the power in a dual wheeled or dually is overkill, however if you require lots of brawn and like the statement a dual wheel pick up truck makes, you will be mighty happy with either one of these two top dual wheel sellers.  The Ford F-450 Super Duty and the Dodge 3500 Ram.

Dual Wheel Pick Up Trucks ford f450

The Ford F-450 Super Duty
The F-450 Super Duty is as big as they come.  With dual wheels you have the extra traction and stability to tow to your heart’s content.  This bad boy is not only huge, but offers some of the most powerful towing capacities in it’s class.  With the F-450 you can tow 24,500 pounds.  Now that is pretty strong.  The F-450 comes with a huge engine, a 6.4 liter turbo diesel that offers 350 horsepower and a whopping 650 lbs ft of torque.  The price range for this vehicle is in the $45K to 55K for the fully loaded trim level.

The Dodge Ram 3500
The Dodge Ram is a muscular, extremely capable vehicle.  This vehicle offers plenty of power and is quite practical even with its dual rear wheels.  And while you may be basing your choice on which of these two dually trucks offer more power, you will be pleased to note that both the Ram 3500 and Ford F-450 both offer engines with 350 hp and 650 lb ft of torque.  The Ram 3500 comes with a 6.7 liter Cummins turbodiesel that is matched to a six speed automatic transmission.

A Pick Up Truck for Recreation

If you are looking for a 4×4 vehicle that will give you more freedom and functionality than a host of other vehicles, one of your best choices is a pick up truck.  While pick up trucks are traditionally for contractors and those that haul and tow heavy loads, there are plenty of reasons to consider a pick up truck if you are big on recreation and sport. You just need to make sure that it will fit in your garage and then contact a garage door motor repair technician if you’re having issues your garage door. An experienced garage door repair service should be able to take care of any issues you might be encountering.

A Pick Up Truck for Recreation ford truck babe

Here are a few:

Pick Up Trucks Offer Plenty of Functionality
Whether you are a contractor or extreme sportsman, you will find that a pick up truck can be the perfect vehicle to own.  While SUV’s have the word sport in them (sport utility vehicle), for many extreme sportsmen, they just don’t stack up to a pick up truck.  For those that enjoy hitting the trails in an ATV or dirt bike, it’s extremely easy to load up your bed with your toy. And if you like to Kayak or take you and your girlfriend bicycling, no special roof rack or bike rack is needed. You may even Buy Truck Caps to provide cover for your cargo.

Pick up trucks not only offer plenty of space to haul all your favorite toys, but once you get to your destination, it is easy to go off road and truly enjoy your recreational activities.  Most SUV’s might have 4×4, but when the trails get tough, they just don’t stack up to a hardened pick up.

Pick Up Truck Affordability
While you won’t get lots of interior space for a family, if you are single and just want to hang out with your buddy, a pick up truck offers enough comfort.  Regarding affordability, a pick up truck definitely is much more affordable than an SUV.  You can save thousands off the price of an SUV and receive plenty more functionality.  So if you are looking for a great multi purpose vehicle, a pick up truck definitely is it. There are a lot of toyota trucks for sale that you can choose from.