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BMW 535 Sport Wagon for Families

While you might not think of BMW as a family car- usually due to fact that many Type A personalities tend to choose BMW for its power and performance over how much space it offers. But BMW does make exceptionally safe and practical vehicles and one of them is the BMW 535 Sport Wagon.  If you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, you remember what a station wagon is and it definitely is not sporty, however as times have changed the BMW 535 has styled its Sport wagon nicely giving it plenty of room and capability for the entire family.

BMW 535 Sport Wagon for Families bmw 535xi sports wagon

There’s Plenty to Like on the BMW 535 Sport Wagon
For starters, there is plenty to like about BMW’s Sport Wagon.  With a very nice engine, which is much more powerful than your mother’s station wagon, the BMW definitely offers exceptional performance and power.  The engine is a 3.0 liter I-6 that produces a whopping 300 horses of power.  The vehicle comes either as a rear wheel drive or 4×4 all wheel drive perfect for off road and all weather capability.  Mated to the engine is a nicely done six speed manual transmission (I guess for moms in Germany and Europe) or for Americans an optional 6 speed automatic transmission with Steptronic shifting.  On one trim level you can also get your racing thrills with steering wheel mounted paddle shifting.

Add to the mix 17 inch wheels, plenty of airbags and safety equipment, a nicely done interior with dual zone climate control, active micro filtration and plenty of audio video for the kids and you pretty much have the perfect family vehicle without opting for a larger SUV.  The 535 Sport Wagon lists from $51K to $55K.

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