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BMW X5 – 2008

The sport utility vehicle burst into popularity in the 1980s, became the standard vehicle of most families in the 1990s, and became the new luxury vehicle during the first decade of the new millennium.  One of the automobile manufacturers at the front of the luxury sport utility vehicle market is the same company that has forever been at the front of the luxury car market, BMW.  The BMW X5 is a luxury sport utility vehicle that is popular with affluent people of all ages.  Due to it’s size and seating capacity, it is usable for a large amount of purposes.  With its luxury fine tuning and features, it is desired by a great number of people.

BMW X5   2008 bmw x5 2008

The 2008 BMW X5 is actually bigger than previous models.  It is over six inches longer and two inches wider than last year’s BMW X5.  The 2008 model is also available with optional third row seating which makes it that much easier to haul large groups in style.  The 2008 BMW X5 comes with either a 3.0 liter V-6 engine or a 4.8 liter V-8 engine and a six speed automatic transmission is standard on the new model.  The vehicle actually comes with what is called an Adaptive Transmission Control with nine different modes of driving to select from.  Drivers can match the mode of driving to their style of driving for a ride that meets their desires and needs perfectly.  The xDrive All-Wheel Drive System that comes with the new X5 provides for one of the smoothes rides in a four wheel drive vehicle than anyone can find.

BMW X5   2008 2008 bmw x5

The new 2008 BMW X5 also comes with a panoramic power moonroof complete with a wind deflector and a full featured navigation system.  It also comes with an optional heads-up display option that allows vital information like navigation directions, vehicle speed, and more projected right onto the windshield.  Another one of the new features on the 2008 X5 is the run-flat tires that it comes equipped with.  These tires have a range of approximately one hundred and fifty miles after they have become compromised which is a safety measure that many people will appreciate should they find themselves in a flat tire situation and not be in a convenient location.

The 2008 BMW X5 continues the rich history of luxury that BMW has shown in not only all of its previous SUV models, but also in all of its other luxury vehicles too.  Anyone who drives a BMW or wants to drive a BMW and finds themselves in need of a vehicle with more seating and cargo room would enjoy the BMW X5 immensely.  It truly does offer all of the luxury that people come to expect from BMW, but in the form of a sport utility vehicle.

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