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Buying a New SUV

If you are looking to purchase a new SUV, you might find that this is both the best and worst time to do so.  SUV’s (sport utility vehicles) offer plenty of room for a larger family, cargo space and creature comforts found in one’s home.  And while there are many pluses, there are also lots of downsides as well, including fuel inefficiency, large purchase price and high maintenance costs.

Buying a New SUV mazda hakaze x

Things to Look for when Buying an SUV
In today’s market, SUV’s have seen a serious downturn in sales.  This is great for the consumer, since it is a buyer’s market.  Due to the recent highs in gasoline prices and the very low fuel efficiency that SUV’s get, many buyers simply turned a blind eye to these vehicles due to the cost of owning.  However, now that gas prices have lowered (for now at least), many that were interested in purchasing SUV’s before are flocking to their local car dealership to look for the best deals on buying SUV’s.

Look for Incentives
Most car manufacturers are offering hefty incentives for their SUV models.  Not only have SUV models slumped, but car sales in general, so there are plenty of deals to be had.  For instance, many are now offering large rebates of $1K to $5K off the sticker price.  Other incentives for those looking to finance their SUV include 0% interest for qualified buyers which can easily save you thousands.  Other incentives include long term warranties such as 100K miles or 10 years of protection on your engine and drive train.

Buy Now, but Still Do Your Research
Even with great incentives and prices for SUV vehicles, there is no excuse for not doing your research and making sure you get a great deal or at least a fair deal.  So make sure you pay attention when buying your next SUV.

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