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Buying an SUV for Family Travel

One of the most functional and practical vehicles for driving the family around- especially if you have a large family is the SUV.  The SUV exploded onto the scene due to its large amount of cargo space, seating area and many amenities that make traveling with your family convenient and comfortable.  For those now buying an SUV, looking for a vehicle specifically for family transportation, here are some tips on the best features and vehicles to look at.

Buying an SUV for Family Travel family suv

Finding an SUV to Carry Lots of Family Members
Seating is quite important when purchasing a people mover and many SUV’s make it easy to carry your entire family in comfort by offering plenty of seating.  Many SUV’s easily have space for 5, however for larger families, you probably will need more space, this is why you should definitely look for 3 row seating.  With 3 rows of seating, you can fit 7 comfortably in your vehicle, more than enough for the average family of 5, plus 2 friends or grand parents.  Some SUV’s even offer seating for more, as they are able to turn cargo space into seats for more passengers.  This usually gives you seating for 9.  While not on every SUV and definitely not on SUV’s that are compact or mid-size for larger SUV’s this feature does exist. If you’re relocating your family to another location, consider this long distance movers to aid you.

SUV Comforts
Now that you have seating for everyone, make your trip more comfortable with a few entertainment options.  Some of the most popular options include an entertainment center with fold down DVD screening, small LCD screens built in seats to view DVD’s or for gaming and don’t forget GPS navigation systems so you don’t lose your way with your whole family in the back.

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