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More Tips on Buying Oversized Tires for Your 4×4

One of the great things about owning a truck, SUV or Jeep is that you have the option of supersizing your vehicle.  The easiest and most effective way to supersize your vehicle is with oversized tires.  Oversized tires are a great way to add lots of height to your vehicle that will not only give it great stature, but make your vehicle an authentic 4×4.  It’s true when you talk to 4×4 enthusiasts that no accessory puts a bigger smile on your face than oversized tires.  Here are some tips on picking the best oversized tires for your vehicle.

More Tips on Buying Oversized Tires for Your 4x4 4x4 tires oversized

There are two main types of oversized tires.  The first are off road tires and they are engineered primarily for off roading in the trails.  And while they are made for off road use they can also be used for the road.  The other type of tires are highway oversized tires.  And while these tires are perfect for road use, don’t try to use them in the trails, you will most definitely get stuck.

When choosing oversized tires make sure to measure your fender wells first.  Some vehicles are not made to accommodate huge oversized tires.  However, if you really want oversized tires and your vehicle can’t accommodate them, you always have the option of trimming the wheel arches- if you decide this option, make sure you hire a professional to take on the job.

Another good tip to remember when purchasing oversized tires is that when you buy tires for your 4×4, make sure you also purchase an oversized spare.  Since all 4 tires will be huge, an average spare- just won’t cut the mustard.  And remember, when it comes to tires- bigger is not always better, too big can be unsafe, so make sure you talk with your tire’s sales expert on the biggest you can go safely.

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