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Car Carrier Semi-Trailer

The car carrier semi-trailer is used for transporting numerous automobiles at one time. They are usually used for companies who have the ability to manage and deliver large quantities of vehicles from place to place. There are many types of car carrier semi-trailers, open trailers and enclosed trailers. Open trailers are either partially or fully exposed to all of the elements. There are many different types of open trailers, ranging from small three car carriers semi-trailers best for car and rv transport to the large 11 car carrier semi-trailers that you often see on the Interstate. Enclosed trailers are protected from all of the elements, and your vehicle is basically shipped in a mobile garage. Having your vehicle shipped enclosed is typically a 50-90% premium over having it shipped on an open trailer. Most of the cars can be shipped either on an open trailer or in an enclosed trailer; all of it depends on what you want to pay.

Car Carrier Semi Trailer car carrier semi trailer

These types of transportations can be dropped off straight to the dealerships, or at any certain garage that can hold the cars. A car carrier semi-trailer has a truck body with a chassis and ad ump frame pivotally disposed on the chassis. The dump frame includes longitudinally extending beams having top and bottom surfaces. A tilting device is connected between the chassis and the dump frame, and a loader carrier platform is slid onto a platform and mounted on the dump frame. The load carrier platform includes longitudinally extending main girders. A slide device is connected between thed ump frame and the load carrying platform for sliding the load carrying platform on the dump frame. Moving pads slide on the beams of the dump frame are fixed to the main girders at longitudinally forward positions on the main girders. The moving pads engage the beams of the dump frame. The fixed pads are longitudinally aligned on and fixed to the top surfaces of the beams of the dump frame at intervals along the beams. The main girders are disposed on the fixed pads, and one of the fixed pads, and one of the fixed pads have a longitudinally rearward position on each of the beams as a side surface that projects laterally from the dump frame and contacts the side surface of the main girders on the car carrier semi-trailer.

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