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Cargo Trailers

Cargo Trailers are all usually closed top trailers that have shelving, storage, doors, locks, and range from small to semi-truck pulled in size.  They are all meant for hauling cargo, that is, material of significant value (but it can be anything really).  Cargo trailers are usually the largest trailers bought for trucks, and some are 53 feet in length but do not need a semi.  It all depends on what your need is, and what you will be hauling.  For moving from one location to another you might consider renting a cargo trailer, or if you are in a shipping business you may consider buying a cargo truck and trailer as a semi or just as something that can be towed by a normal average sized truck – or if you have the money a powerful Hemi powered truck.

Generally because of the Cargo Trailer’s size you may need a special permit or license depending on where you live or where you are going in order to use one and tow one behind your vehicle.  You might also be required to have a braking system that is up to the state or countries standards you are in, and as always it is a good idea to have a breaking system capapble of stopping a full load in addition to your towing vehicles braking system – you don’t want to turn someone else into a crushed soda can or jack-knife on the highway.  That would be very bad and you could get hurt. 

When you have your cargo loaded and your cargo trailer is ready to go always make one last check of the tires, the hookup (and chains) so that it wont come off, and test your brake and signal lights every time.  You never know when a random rock, foot, child, alien, or flying spaghetti monster may use his noodley appendage to unplug it on you (humor is never wasted I tell you!).

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