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Caring for Your Truck Liftgate

If you own a truck or SUV, you have a liftgate.  Liftgates are just a fancy term used to call the door or hatch that protects your cargo from falling out onto the road.  However, since many 4×4 owners utilize their liftgates much more often than one would a trunk, many liftgates over time require maintenance.

Caring for Your Truck Liftgate truck liftgate

Here are some tips.

Heavy Duty Trucks Does Not Equal Heavy Duty Liftgates
It should be noted that on many 4×4 trucks and SUV’s, your liftgate exterior might be heavy duty, but the inner workings such as the latch may be the same materials made on the manufacturer’s compact car.  This means that with wear and tear, one of the main problems that occur with 4×4 owners is the locking or latching mechanism breaking down.  It only takes a few 2×4 pieces of wood to slam into your liftgate to cause major shock to a locking or latching mechanism.  You will know you broke something when you hear a piece of plastic or metal rattling around your liftgate when you shake it or hit a bump.

If you broke your latch or key mechanism, most 4×4 manufacturers sell the part to fix it.  You will be happy to know it is usually under $10 and it’s so cheap due to the fact that it is used on practically all of their doors.

If you use your liftgate very often carrying heavy loads, you might want replace the liftgate with a heavy duty replacement or even a rubber netting that requires no key and can be easily installed or removed.  There are plenty of after market options when it comes to liftgates and for most truck owners customizing a liftgate can add style to your vehicle.

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