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Mercedes Benz Actros V8 Fuel Economy

Nobody really cares about big commercial trucks fuel economy, except Mercedes and that’s what makes them special!

The new Actros V8 featuring 510hp, 16-litre powerplant, which is mated to a 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission, returns of almost 10.5mpg which is astonishing for this kind of vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Actros V8 Fuel Economy mercedes benz actros

The 4×2 Actros 1851’s mouth-watering specification includes an air-conditioned, flat-floored MegaSpace cab with fridge and microwave oven. Supplied by Wellingborough dealer Intercounty Truck & Van, the new 40-tonner is also a real head-turner, thanks to its Alcoa alloy wheels and twin light bars.

“We wanted a flagship to promote our new business and knew exactly how it should look,” said MFR Operations Director Dave Halliday. “But it also had to be cost-effective and reliable in operation. “And although we don’t have any other Mercedes-Benz trucks on the fleet, my past experience has proved to me that for this sort of job the Actros cannot be beaten.”

MFR Haulage, which operates from a depot in Bolnhurst, near Bedford, was formed earlier this year after parent company Mobile Freezer Rentals decided to expand its transport division. It relied previously on a fleet of rigid and articulated vehicles equipped that offered a hydraulic truck crane rental  to move its own freezer units, but has now diversified into chilled and frozen food transport, and even general haulage.

Status Sport and Leisure Trailer

For those who want to carry their stuff around in style while they get outdoorsy, Status Trailers unveiled this classy and sporty Leisure Trailer.

Although it’s a lifestyley trailer and they focused on design, but there’s no compromise on practicality either. It can take care of you with camping, bulky luggage, bicycles, diving, fishing, games kit, winter and water sports equipment and many other uses.

Status Sport and Leisure Trailer Status Sports Leisure Trailer

The trailer has two spacious compartments with top opening hatches, allowing for easy access and loading of equipment, with a volume capacity of nearly 2,000 Litres (2 cubic metres) and a load capacity of around 500kg. Wet and dry equipment can be easily separated and the rear compartment has a hatchback style door to enable easy loading from the back.


Dimensions Exterior Interior
-Overall length (including tow hitch) – 3.3 metres
-GRP body length – 2.6 metres
-Body width (between wheel arches) – 1.7 metres
-Maximum height approx – 1.1 metre
-Internal length – 2.4 metres
-Loading capacity: up to 500kg
-Net weight: approx 225 – 250kg
-Body: Glass reinforced plastic with arange of gel coat colours available
-Hatches: Stainless steel hinges
-Road clearance: 180mm
-Tyres: 175/65 R 14 Ctyres with Dion Alloy Wheels
-Twin number plate lights
-50mm tow hitch with wire rope cable
-Braked and un-braked versions available
-Phenol coated birch plywood flooring withhard-wearing non-slip finish
-The forward compartment is fitted with internal wiring and containment strap for leisure battery (available as optional extra)
-Both compartments are fitted with internal LED lights to aid loading and unloading at night
-Both compartments are fitted with cargo net hooks (cargo net available as optional extra)
-13 pin EU electrical connector

Jeep Off-road Camper Trailers

Much to the delight of off-road enthusiasts, Jeep and Mopar revealed the first ever camper trailers which have off-road capability.

Jeep Trail and Extreme Trail campers are designed to cope with the Wrangler model’s rugged go-anywhere characteristic, and therefore they have the same design cues, including Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels and the 2020 Airstream Nest  for sale at Airstream of Santa Barbara.

Jeep Off road Camper Trailers Jeep off road camper trailers

These campers are available in normal and extreme versions which differ in height and ground clearance. Avaialble in four colors, Trial models have a MSRP of $9,995, while the Extreme runs for $11,995.

Unlike conventional recreational campers, the Jeep Trail Edition camper features an extensive use of lightweight tubular-aluminum construction (no wood or fiberboard materials) in order to mitigate the additional load on the Jeep tow vehicle and make operation a breeze. This also helps to keep the weight down thus making them easier to tow behind the car.

Volvo Concept Truck For 2020

Volvo has always been a pioneer in developing business truck, and they are one of, if not the, best names in this field. So when they are talking about the future, they’re really onto something!

This futuristic truck you see here is their vision for 2020. Apart from the fancy design, this truck is also dripping with technology with the main focus on the driver. They want to make the job easier for the driver by autopilot, driven non-stop in nose-to-tail convoys on green super-motorways linking the continents.

Volvo Concept Truck For 2020 Volvo Concept Truck 2020

They also ambitious ideas to make road transport as safe as possible:

As road transport expands it must also become safer and more efficient. Volvo’s design concept contains ideas about how that can be achieved. Some of these ideas can be integrated into production today, while others are there to arouse interest and start a discussion.

One of the more startling ideas is to link vehicles together wirelessly into long road-trains that rush across the continents at 90 km/h (56 mph).

“This will be possible when the transport sector’s vision of green corridors becomes reality,” says Rikard Orell. “Here heavy goods vehicles are separated from other traffic, driving in their own lanes, rather like a railway, but without the rails.”

There are many advantages. Road safety increases, transport services require less space and wear and tear on the roads decreases. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions drop thanks to reduced drag when a truck is in the slipstream of the vehicle in front. In addition the driver can rest behind the wheel while the truck effectively drives itself. If this is counted as idle time, transport times can be cut, deliveries will be made more quickly and drivers can get back to their friends and families earlier.

Spacious and airy driver environment

The driver is at the center of Volvo’s world. It goes without saying that a design concept from Volvo Trucks contains a great many ideas about the development of the driver environment. In the Volvo Concept Truck 2020 the driver’s environment is spacious, airy and free of disruption.

“We have replaced the traditional dashboard with a thin film panel on which information is tailored to suit the driver,” says Rikard Orell. “The panel is operated like a touchpad, just like an iPhone. We have saved a lot of space that way.”

Another space-saving idea is the sleek driver’s seat with its thin, ventilated mesh backrest, more like a modern office chair than a traditional driver’s seat. Behind the driver is a futon sofa which folds out into a wide, comfortable bed in the evening.

The lighting in the cab is divided into zones customised for the driver’s various in-cab tasks, or for resting. Around the driver are large areas of glass providing good visibility out of the vehicle and even into it. According to https://localaccidentreports.com/category/new-york/ this benefits eye contact between the driver and other road users preventing accidents which will avoid many as per the car accident reports in Florida. Privacy screening and blackout in the evening are also controlled electronically.

Aerodynamic collision protection

The design team also aimed for a sleek look for the exterior, reducing the perception of the vehicle’s size. The LED headlamps and indicators are integrated into the front of the vehicle. The rear-view mirrors have been replaced by cameras that project their images onto the inside of the windscreen.

The lower section of the front of the vehicle features integrated collision protection projecting forwards about half a metre. This ‘nose’ is gentler on oncoming cars in the event of a head-on collision and has also been shown to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

As Rikard Orell points out, “Because the nose is a safety function, our starting point has been that it does not count as part of the maximum permitted vehicle length, just as rear-view mirrors today are outside the maximum permitted width.”

Some things you just do not change. The ‘Globetrotter’ sign on the roof is still there, but has been redesigned so that it harmonises with the lines of the vehicle and reduces drag. The driver can also change the text on the sign from the instrument panel.

The rear end is the next stage

So work on the external design focuses largely on aerodynamics, but by how much is it really possible to reduce drag on a truck ?

“We have come so far with the front of the vehicle that further changes to the basic shape provide only marginal improvements,” says Rikard Orell. “However, a lot will happen when we start work on the design of the rear end of the vehicle. There is a great deal of untapped aerodynamic potential there.”

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Affordable 4×4’s

If you are looking for a 4×4, but have a limited budget, not to worry.  Today, you don’t have to buy a big bulky 4×4 that will break the bank.  There are plenty of vehicles available that are incredibly affordable and offer plenty of practicality and functionality, just like these toyota trucks for sale.

Affordable 4x4’s toyota rav4

If you are looking to purchase an SUV, here are some tips.

Affordable SUV Manufacturers
While you might not be able to get a Hummer or Expedition at a low cost, you can instead find plenty of affordable SUV’s on the market that offer plenty of style and functionality.  Just a few include:

Hyundai Sante Fe
The Sante Fe has been around for a few years and over this time it has converted many to the Hyundai brand name.  With decent warranties and a price tag that is right, you and your family can be travelling in style.

Kia Sorrento
The Kia Sorrento offers 4 wheel drive, plenty of room and a price tag under $25K.  Also, this SUV has been earning plenty of positive reviews.  And as the quality of this vehicle maker continues to climb, the Kia Sorrento looks more and more like a great deal and value.

Toyota RAV 4
The Toyota RAV 4 (see post image for details) has been a favourite of plenty of 4×4 enthusiasts.  For those that need a smaller size SUV with plenty of punch, the RAV 4 is definitely a great choice.  The RAV 4 is reliable, offers plenty of features and plenty of value.  The RAV 4 can be had for about $22K with decent features.

If you are looking for lots of space to carry your family, your toys or plenty of functionality and have a small budget, check out the above vehicles for 4×4’s that offer plenty of value.