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MAN Trucks – Heavy Duty Long Haul Transport for All Operations

MAN Trucks are amongst the leaders in heavy duty long-haul transports. They have a strong hold in the market of over 120 countries and continue getting Truck of the Year awards for their quality products.

MAN AG is a German engineering company and has its headquarters in Munich. It is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe when it comes to commercial vehicles and engineering equipments. The company supplies buses, turbo machinery, industrial services and trucks.

MAN Trucks (also known as MAN Nutzfahrzeuge) has been providing innovative engineering, quality, and customer satisfaction for more than 100 years. The quality available in MAN Trucks has allowed it to hold a leading position in the market today. Current figures say that their truck division contributes in a major way to their annual global (120 countries) sale of almost €15.5 billion. MAN Trucks has joint ventures with other companies in US, Turkey, Poland and India.

MAN Trucks   Heavy Duty Long Haul Transport for All Operations man trucks

MAN Trucknology: Trucks for All Operations

‘Trucks for all operations’ are how officials at MAN Trucks tag their products. The company has product catering to all your needs and are safe to drive on all types of roads. They have released different types of models in different countries. These are the four model series listed in German product spectrum:

  • TGX: Setting New Standards In Long-Haul Transports

MAN TGX Truck Series, which has been the winner of numerous coveted prizes including the “Truck of the Year” in 2008, is always setting new standards when it comes to efficiency in long-haul transports. As its engine, you have the option of choosing the new and efficient engines built on MAN PURE DIESEL technology or the powerful SCR technology engines having MAN AdBlue. Its newest release EcoLion, a semitrailer truck model, has been precisely tailored for long-haul transports.

  • TGS: Power Packed For Construction & Heavy Duty Works

Economical and robust but not the least reliable – these are some of the features of the MAN TGS Series. Its particular usage is seen at construction sites and for transport of heavy loads. MAN TGS also finds its applications in short-haul & distribution transport. Currently as its engines, you’ve again got the choice between new and efficient engines having MAN PURE DIESEL technology or the powerful SCR engines having MAN AdBlue.

  • TGM: The All-Rounder

3 years following its launch, TGM is now given a distinctive look of Trucknology Generation. With overall weight, which ranges from 13-26 tons and engines from 250-340 HP, it’s sure an all-rounder in its class.

  • TGL: Economical and Driven With Innovative Technology

MAN TGL received the ‘Truck of the Year’ award in 2006. Its models vary from 7.49-12 tons in weight and engines range from 150-250 HP. Now with an innovative technology supporting its economical price, the new TGL will have more to offer than what it has done ever.

Irrespective of the model in consideration, the main goal of MAN is to provide quality products at affordable rates. As they say it ‘Transport worldwide. Powered by MAN’, they are increasing their impact on the worldwide market of heavy duty vehicles.