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Sterling Trucks

Sterling Trucks understand the trucking business, what makes your job easier, and what materials you need that can aid you with your travels. Strategically located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico to benefit the trucker’s common needs, these dealerships offer technical expertise, system support, service facilities and factory-trained professionals to provide you the comprehensive support you should have for the travels on the road. Sterling Trucks is committed to providing a high level of service that is unmatched by any other truck dealership network, and these services will exceed your expectations. There are several types of trucks out there, some for construction, distribution, government/municipal, TL/LTL/Regional Hauls, and specialized applications. The construction consists of the dump trucks, mixers, cranes, specialized hauls, stake bodies and service/utilities. Distribution: P & D, wholesale/retail, liquid bulk, food distribution, beverage and car haulers. Government/Municipal: Dump, refuse, utilities, snowplow, vacuum tankers, fire/ems and sweepers. TL/LTL/Regional Hauls include the following: Freight, moving/storage and manufacturing. The specialized applications consist of: towing/recovery, landscaping, tree service, cranes, crew cabs and pest control trucks.

Sterling Trucks sterling trucks

The Sterling Trucks facilities are featured with a custom build capacity that’s raising the total bar for the whole trucking industry. Products and applications engineers plans your truck’s production from the start and finish. Custom and special features are installed right during the assembly processing which avoid those lengthy delays for post-assembly modifications. Sterling Truck’s manufacturing teams are dedicated to your truck’s dependability and reliability. Sterling Trucks knows that customized¬†auto financing¬†packages that recognize your cash flow needs and also fold in things like insurance and tax planning will help you maximize your investment well beyond anything that you could think of. An exclusive lender for Sterling Trucks has been DaimierChrysler Truck Financial since 1998.