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How to Repair Hard to Close Truck Doors

You should know that if you have a truck then it is the same as every other vehicle out there; there will come a time which they have to have some repairs done on them and a lot of the problems are with the actual truck doors.  These can be a real problem when they are older doors because you find they become stuck easily and harder to close or even open up them; a lot of the times you would just have to add a little bit of oil to the hinges of the door but sometimes there is much more work needed to be done.

Many of us spend a lot of money on our cars and when something goes wrong then the first thing we think about going is to go to our local garage and get the problems fixed.  That however can cost a lot but if you have got some problems with your truck doors then you can fix this yourself without costing you a lot of money. You can get the parts delivered through a vw transporter parts company.

How to Repair Hard to Close Truck Doors Repair Truck Doors

What you are required to get;

  • Lock rings
  • Bushings
  • Duct tape
  • Punch
  • Vise grips
  • Pry Bar
  • Hinge pins
  • Bench
  • Door spring compressor
  • Hammer
  • Making tape

Your first step should be to support your door; so you are going to have to first open your door up – wide.  You want to your door so you are going to need to get yourself a bench and place it at the bottom of the door.  You might need to get some else like wood to help support your door.

You don’t want to scratch your car when you are trying to remove any part so you are going to have to get some tape and put that all along the sides of the door near the hinge and fender because you are going to be using a crow bar and you don’t want to mark your car.

Now you have your supporting materials in place you are going to have to find your detent spring and remove that from the door.  If you don’t know what this part is for then it helps keep your door open when you open it of course so you should locate this near your upper hinge; you could easily do this by using your crow bar.

Next will be your hinges; so get your hammer and punch at the ready.  You have a pin located at your hinge which helps keep it in place, you are going to have to get a hold of this so you need a vise grip to do so and start hitting with your hammer and punch.  Now it is the same with the top hinge also but be careful when you are moving the door from the actually hinges.  You might need another pair of hands to help you with this part.

You now need to remove your bushings; you will find these in your brackets of your hinges but these are going to be difficult to take out so you are going to have to use your hammer and punch for this part.  After you have removed your old bushings then you can put in new ones; for this you are going to have use some vise grips to secure these into place.  You need to knock them in so you need your punch to do this; your pins will be going on your bracket on your door which will be on your bottom hinge.  Your body brackets will be used to put your pins in with your higher hinge.

Note; the top hinge must face upwards and reverse on the bottom hinge also.

Now you can put the door back into place; your pins will need to be put back into place so you can line up your door hinges.  You are going to have to secure your lock rings by using your hammer and keeping them secure.

Now you just need to add a new spring to your door; get yourself a spring compressor to help you put your spring or new spring if you have bought a new one into the side of the door.  Your door is now back in place and you just need to take off the tape around the truck door; you have got a new truck door with no more problems.

How to Repair a Truck Headliner

When you have a truck then you will know that your headliner can be damaged and that it might need a few repair work done on it before it has run its course.  If you do think that you have some damage to your headliner due to a collision then you need to start looking for an auto collision repair company. You could try to repair it first off or you could try to replace the headliner, if the repairing process gets a bit complicated the please be sure to hire semi truck repair services.

You could try this yourself which could be less costly to you or you can hire a semi truck repair company to assist you.  Here are a few steps for you to try yourself.

What you are going to need;

  • A few tools to remove your trim
  • A screwdriver
  • A putty knife also.

How to Repair a Truck Headliner Repair Truck Headliner1

You are going to have to take off your old liner to put your new one in so to do so you are going to have to take your time and care when you remove your old liner.  You need to remove your trim first so you can find your bezel and remove that also.

You will need to take your trim off now so you have to locate the screws keeping it in place and remove them or if you have a fixed trim then you could just pull it off.  If you do have some trim then you should be going very carefully with this part.  You are going to have to get some tools so that your trim isn’t damaged so you could get a screwdriver as you try to remove your trim.

Now this is going to be frustrating because it will take some time because you need to go slow but you will get there eventually.

Your trim is now gone so you are try to start with your headliner; you should try to remove this by one piece at a time.  You need to be careful to remove this.

Your second step will be to prepare; your old headliner is now out so you can see your composition board now the fabric is now gone.  You can just yank off the material and it doesn’t need to be all gone just most of the old cover off but you can do this with your hands so this is the frustrating part.  You don’t however want your board damaged so do be careful unless you want to buy a new one.

Now you can either choose with some upholstery which could be the easier choice because this is special fabric which will be foam backed.  You are going to have to use this to start connecting this to your headliner with cement which will go to your composition board but this way is going to be a very long process however.

Your last step will be to replace your headliner; now you have fixed your truck headliner then you can put it back into its original position.  You are going to need to put this at your roof of the truck around the centre of it and then carefully connect the rest.  You will probably have a lot left over so you can cut the rest.

Importance of Truck Disc Brake Pads

Haulers and truckers use brake services regularly and often to have their vehicle’s brakes in proper working order at all times. As you can probably imagine, they require heavy-duty disc brake pads that meet their driving needs. These trucks require perfect brake usage according to rules set National Highways and other authorities. An important part of the braking system are disc brakes which provide consistent braking to the vehicle to stop it within safest range even at high speeds. Truck disc brake pads are made of different materials by different vendors. You should choose the one recommended by your company for your vehicle. Furthermore, only a reputable semi truck repair mechanic should be handling any repairs on your vehicle.

Choose truck disc brake pads made especially for vehicles that have power like trucks and SUVs and have the new standards of brake performance. The brake pads must have low dust ability and that had been tested in the rugged most environments. There are some brake pads which are sturdy enough to stop the vehicle by almost a distance of 50 feet from 100 miles per hour speed. It should have the qualities to improve your braking system.

Importance of Truck Disc Brake Pads truck lining

The next property to look at while shopping for truck disc brake pads is to see the usability. Buy something that can last at least for 3000 kilometers. Once they get worn out you can heat the ‘chirp’ sound that the truck makes in cold conditions or during rain. Buy the braking pads that are meant for heavier vehicles! While you buy pads, try to have a look at the selection of brake pads of the trucks to compare their features and warranty. If possible hit online stores to read reviews and compare ratings of truck brake pads to learn more on them and pick the right kind of brake pad.

The truck pads that accumulate fewer dusts mean that you have better rotor condition and less rotor wear. The rotors will last long and save a great deal of money in maintenance of vehicles. And remember one thing; if you are an expert then there is no issue of installing truck disc brake pads yourself. But never try to do it simply watching some videos in Youtube or other places. Even if you do, make sure that you install the pads in presence of a professional automotive mechanic or some one who is expert in this. The mechanic must be qualified for installing heavy duty truck disc brake pads.

If you ever replace rotor make sure that you replace the pads too. It is useless to use worn out or old pads for your new rotors. Such use of disc brake pads will affect the rotor and performance of brakes and plying.


Truck Alignment Tools

A truck consists of a variety of technical and mechanical parts, like roll off trailers, but they all have a common framework i.e. they basically consist of a Chassis, a cab for the driver, place for holding cargo, suspensions, axles.etc.

A truck is a quite complex machine thus for its proper functioning and efficiency of the truck, it has to be maintained properly so that it meets the emission norms and standards set by the national government.

One of the most important parts of the truck’s maintenance is its alignment. Specific types of tools called truck alignment tools do this alignment. Truck alignment tools are manufactured by various brands like Josam, SPC and Beeline to mention a few.

Beeline was the first brand to introduce Laser technology for achieving precise wheel alignment.

They offer various products related to computer aligning and some of their models are as listed below:

  • LC7000 Series Gauging System for computer alignment
  • LC 7150: Portable Gauging System for truck alignment
  • LC 7100: Complete Gauging System for truck alignment
  • Accessories for computer Alignment

Beeline also provides advanced aligner Runways. These are multi functional systems, which can be used by Garages, alignment shops, dealer service centers and fleets. For garage door repairs, navigate here.

Truck Alignment Tools truck camber tool

These advanced aligners are designed with interchangeable runway legs to accommodate various shop sizes and are available in a number of different models.

They also provide a range of manual alignment tools, which are designed for precise and cost effective aligning:

  • 1790: Tire Scribe
  • 1825B: Wheel Centering Gauge
  • 19048: Center Mount Wheel Mount
  • 19305: Caster Camber Gauges
  • 2300: Toe-In Gauges

Josam is another big brand providing high tech alignment tools. It provides various tools equipped with new age technologies such as:

  1. The Alignment Station: This is a new age alignment system powered with a battery and equipped with blue tooth. This station even allows the driver to operate the system through a remote control while sitting inside the cab and offers high level accuracy and reliability
  2. Laser Wheel AM Alignment: This another high tech alignment system which analyses the wheels ,axles and frames of heavy vehicles with great precision
  3. Toe-Cam Dynamic Wheel Alignment: This product is specially designed for the tough conditions associated with heavy vehicle production and carries out the alignment process in 3 simple steps it also boasts of self instructing software, which calculate and present all wheel angles. This product was one of the first dynamic wheel alignments system for truck /trailer axles

Another big brand name providing good quality alignment tools is SPC (Specialty Products Company). It provides a wide range of truck tandem alignment systems such as:

  • Dual Steel Wheel Rear Tracker
  • Dual Aluminum Wheel Rear Tracker

The above two instruments provide simple methods for tracking dual rear tandems for trucks

  • Axle Caliper: This set is used to help in measuring tracking of the tandem axles in relation to the suspensions and rear and front axles

Truck Disc Brake Rotors: Reliable Brands for Your Truck

The market is flooded with hundreds of brands of truck disc brake rotors. If you shop online you will find hundreds of websites popping up. But do you think that you can rely on all for your truck disc brake rotors? Definitely not! You have to be very careful while you choose the brake rotors for your truck. The rotors first of all must be from a popular brand, and secondly the rotors should be of high quality to last long. You may also consult with a car brake repair technician when you need to repair or replace your brake parts such as rotors and discs.

Given below are few popular brands of rotors.

Brembo Brakes: Brembo truck disc brake rotors are available from aftermarket to origin categories. The brand manufactures high quality brake rotors and the company has vast experience of creating brakes for all types of trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. They have more than 1000 variety of products and that’s why they make the widest as well as fullest range of drums and discs on the market. You have both cross drill brake rotors, as well as slotted brake rotors, that provide introductory performance brake solutions to your vehicle.

Truck Disc Brake Rotors: Reliable Brands for Your Truck disc brake rotors

The Brembo truck disc brake rotors both original and aftermarket have the same levels of quality, performance and technology. The company off late has started producing more and more disc brake rotors to meet the needs of widest range of trucks and heavy duty vehicles plying on roads. They rotors come with good warranty and are perfect for heavy duty vehicles that need to stop the vehicle aptly within safe distance.

Power Slot Brake Rotors: Power Slot truck disc brake rotors are manufactured for highest safety to your vehicle and they are manufactured for greatest level of tolerance. The quality number one product is the priority of many truck owners. This rotor doesn’t require drilling. Only slotting will do. Drilling actually weakens the rotor and the stress on it may lead to failure or cracking in the brake system. The drilled rotors also lose surface area compared to power slot brake rotors for your truck. This means less active braking facility area for the disc pads to stop the rotor in contact. The brand manufactures truck disc brake rotors with the highest quality replacement blanks and original equipment. They are typically made of porous material and have less cooling fins.

Whichever brand of truck disc brake rotors you buy, just keep in mind that you get something that is suitable to your vehicle and riding needs. The brake system must have performance, safety and productivity from all angles. Plus low cost maintenance is an added and welcome feature.