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How to Change a Truck Wheel?

Truck wheels are always important for the heavy duty vehicles, as they provide the main support for the entire system. Once you get new wheels for your truck they start functioning great, but you would have to consider certain facts before you go about the process, which have been mentioned here.

There may be several problems with your trucks, and you may want to replace it for a newer one, without learning about the problems. Always try and check over the matters before you come over to some drastic conclusion, and decide to sell off your vehicle. At times you may find out that the problem with your vehicle is nothing serious, and could be dealt with simply by replacing the tires, as it has been seen often. Once the tires of your vehicle are changed, they seem to be giving you service as though they were bought just about recently.

How to Change a Truck Wheel? truck wheel

However, before you plan to go about the particular exchange or buy out, you must consider the style of tire that would be best suited for your car. The custom designs come in variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from 17 inches to 20 inches as far as the diameter is concerned. At the same time when you are trying to fix the type of tire you would want to take up consider that the larger ones, for heavy duty, would cost you more than the others. Most of the people try to take up two different sizes for their tires, making use of the smaller ones in the front and the bigger ones at the back.

On several occasions the designs and effects on your wheel cover also matters a lot, as most of the people are very particular regarding their vehicles outward show. On several occasions you would wish for the Truck wheels to sport out different shades of colour, or maybe you just wanted them to look good. In some cases the wheel covers that are fit onto the tires create an optical illusion leading the viewers to believe that the tires are revolving backwards. Thus, having such stylish gears in your arsenal would definitely highlight the truck and also the person riding in it.

At times you find it really difficult to come up with the best fit, for your vehicle, and may have gone several rounds without finding it. Moreover, the basic trouble that you may come across is that of having to pay large amount for the one that you had chosen to buy. In majority of the cases you do not proceed further, when you find out that the wheels are going to cost that much. It is a basic idea that if you have the proper know how, regarding the particular place to look from and have the correct referrals, than things would turn out to be much smoother for you in the long run.

You can easily change your truck wheels to the one that you like the most, without even losing any money, instead getting the money’s worth, if you would follow the above guidelines. It is quite natural that every individual looks forward to get the best for themselves, so you should not compromise for the ordinary. It is your truck that gives you service, so in the least you could get the best tires fitted on them to make them work smoothly.

Running Boards: Perfect for Your Truck or SUV

If you love your truck or SUV and not only want to add more functionality, but enhance the look of it, one item that is a must have are running boards.  Running boards sometimes called Nerf boards and step bars is an affordable way to make your vehicle look like an ultimate 4×4.  Running boards are not only great if you have a lifted truck or sit high off the ground on your SUV, but add style and offer functionality for reaching into your vehicle from road level without having to climb entirely into the cab.  Running boards are not only affordable, but are usually pretty easy to install on your own.

Running Boards: Perfect for Your Truck or SUV running board

Running Boards:  Custom Fit to Almost any Make and Model Vehicle
Whether the 4×4 vehicle you are looking to add running boards is specifically a work vehicle, an SUV used for commuting your kids back and forth or a sporty vehicle to transport all your gear to and from, you will find these boards to fit your style and functionality.  Today, all running boards are created with computer aided designs software to create the perfect fit.  Whether you own a Chevy, Jeep or imported 4×4 vehicle, there is no problem finding a custom fit.

Slip Resistant, Made with Materials that Won’t Fade or Crack
Many of the materials that are used are high quality materials that are made to assure a no slip surface that won’t fade or crack in the long term.  In addition, one of the favorite types of running boards are stainless steel.  Stainless steel running boards are usually made from high grade (18 gauge or similar) stainless steel that will look great for the years to come.  It should be noted that many of these running boards can be attached without even drilling.

Choosing the Right Windshield Wiper Blades

If you are a 4×4 enthusiast, you are probably driving in extreme trails filled with plenty of dust, puddles of mud and water.  One of the most important tools at your disposal are your wiper blades.  While we usually think first of our tires and engine as extremely important aspects of our vehicle, these small, relatively cheap blades make sure you can see where you are going and are indispensable.  If you are hitting the trails in your Jeep, SUV or truck here are some tips on buying the right wiper blades for your windshield.

Choosing the Right Windshield Wiper Blades windshield blades

If your blades are squeaking or stuttering and leaving blotches of water or dirt on your windshield you surely will need a new pair of wiper blades.  Since each vehicle is different, first check your manual to find the size of the wiper blades that fit your vehicle best.  If you don’t have that information, you can remove the wiper blade and take it to the store to match it.

There are a wide variety of windshield wiper blades available in large auto part stores.  First are the plain rubber blades that are made for economical use, secondly there are sheaths that are created for better performance.  Many of these high performance blades are suitable for 4×4 enthusiasts since they protect against harsh weather conditions and some even stick better to the windshield at higher speeds.  It should also be noted that if you live in the hotter or sunnier climates in the states, you are better off with windshield wiper blades that offer top rated UV protection.  This will stop your blades from rotting out and drying easily.  For those that live in colder climates with lots of snow you should look to purchase blades made for these conditions.

Bull Bars

A bull bar literally speaking can mimic what a bull can do in the wild. It can pick fights and engage in head on collisions with each other. However car owners need not have to engage in periodic car collisions to test their bull bar’s strength.

Bull Bars wade bull bars

They have been known to save lives too. Modern cars have crumple zones which are located at a car’s front and rear. Upon impact, the zone absorbs the pressure, effectively minimizing or even neutralizing the force before it damages the car cabin. Hence, the driver is safe. On top of that, modern cars also have collision bars found at the sides of the doors. But even with modern technology, a fast and deadly collision with an oncoming car needs all the support a driver can get.

The bull bars are made for cars, pickups and trucks. They can be customized to look good, sporty or even give your car a menacing look, in a stylish way. Bull bars are very strong and made from reinforced bars that protect you and your car’s front and rear during accidents.

4×4 Accessories: A Good Tire Deflator

One of the accessories that every serious 4×4 enthusiast should have with them when they hit the trails, the beach or sand dunes is a good tire deflator.  You probably all know that while driving on the road your tires should be properly inflated, on the dirt and especially on soft sand you get the best traction and drivability with deflated tires.  While there is the extremely cheap and very easy way to deflate your tires (simply letting out the air via the valve), for those with some loose pocket change (we are not talking much here) will be much better off using a standardized method of deflating their tires- the good old tire deflator.

4x4 Accessories:  A Good Tire Deflator tire deflator

Several Varieties to Choose From
There are a few different types of tire deflators to choose from, the first are simple valves that fit on your standard tire valve that easily and effectively deflates the air, these are the cheapest and easiest to use, however the one downside is that you just don’t know how much air you are deflating, except by constantly checking it with an air gauge.  The other more common type of tire deflators are those that include a valve, a hose and an easy to read gauge.  These gauges usually are analog and include measuring deflation of the air by single psi units.  Starting about $15 and rising to about $50, they are a great way to ensure that all tires are evenly deflated.

Finally, there are tire deflators that are part of a normal tire compressor, because let’s face it after a day in the sand; you will need to add air back into your tires to drive home.  These items are usually the most expensive, but still they won’t break the bank.  With a typical tire deflator, expect it take about 3 to 5 minutes to reduce a tire’s psi from about 32 psi to 10 psi.  So for most it will take about 10 to 15 minutes to conveniently and safely deflate your tires for off roading.  Some of the more popular tire deflation products include:  Powertank Monster Valves, Oasis Trailhead Deflators, Currie EZ Deflator and TireBuddy.