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Chevrolet Avalanche

The Chevrolet Avalanche is a recent truck design that was first hatched up back not too long ago, and later by 2001 they had decided to use the GMT8000 platform for the vehicle, being that the platform was also used at the time by the other more common trucks by Chevy – the Silverado.  Well off from the assembly line came this sport utility truck, the Chevrolet Avalanche comes as a four door truck with front engine read wheel drive, and four wheel drive.  It has a four speed automatic transmission and a 130 inch wheelbase – it is considered as a technicality as a full size pickup truck and it is indeed capable of hauling. Optionally you can choose between two engines, the 5.3 liter that has about 300 horses, but just under that or the much better and stronger 8.1L 325 horses engine, which greatly improves its hauling capability – this engine only came available just late last year.   One of the more interesting things about the Avalanche is the way in which you can fold a part of the bed into the back seat – giving more room for hauling.  The midgate design allows for basically conversion into a sleeper unit of sorts, with the size for two sleeper bags to be flopped own and use, while they remain protected from the weather – an excellent design for the avid camper and outdoors person.

Although the current design is popular, it has been discontinued for the next line of GMT900 truck platforms, which will see improved design and better features than the first generation of Avalanche vehicles.  The Avalanche still keeps its front design style derived from other GMT900s, however the midgate and integrated bed are something only it has, and this remains almost the same between the two generations – these newer trucks will be equipped with either a 320 or 366 horsepower engine that are 5.3L and 6.0L respectively.

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