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Chevrolet C/K

The Chevrolet C/K was a full sized pickup truck that was also known as the GMC C/K.  The truck lasted a good number of years, being replaced once by GMC in 1988 and finally being replaced by Chevrolet in 1999 with the Silverado.  The C/K is a classic truck that served from the sixties to the nineties, and did a wonderful job in doing so.  The first ones rolled off the line in sixty two and were equipped with engines that varied from the smaller 3.9L V6′s to the larger 5.4 V8′s of the time.  This first model that was in production from sixty two to sixty six was soon outclassed by the second generation of trucks that lasted from sixty seven to seventy two, in which all the engines were above 4.6L, with the largest being the Bog Block V8 6.5L.   In seventy one, right before the change to another generation of vehicles, there were some changes with the design, being that it came with a better interior and a radio that did AM and FM. 

The next version was what could be considered the third generation, and it lasted for a full two weeks of years (14 years) and saw several additions, with even diesel V8′s introduced to the line.  This is by far the most recognized of the older model trucks and it served many purposes, being specially outfitted to haul a lot of stuff.  The lines also had names I won’t bore you with, as the Chevrolet C/K came with a nice bunch of different additions, which would be great if they hadn’t been so expensive. The Chevrolet C/K made its final generation between eighty eight and ninety nine, with engines that ranged to 7.4 liters and could haul a nice amount of material in one load.

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