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Chevrolet El Camino

Who could forget the Chevy El Camino?  Why, that car, wait, truck, wait, what in the heck was it!?  It was a truck that was developed, and manufactured in direct competition with the Ford Ranchero, it was produced for only a few years with the first original model, then it was brought back right about the time Lyndon B. Johnson had finished his first year in office (1964).  The first Chevrolet El Camino to roll off the lot came with either the inline six engine, the small block V8, or the Big Block V8, and looked like an Impala.   This model did not sell very well so only about thirty thousand were made and sold, and today this first generation model is highly sought after by collectors and owners alike.  When the Ranchero continued to sell profitably for Ford, Chevrolet decided in 64 to re-release the El Camino, except this time with a new twist.

The El Camino was back, and this time it only came with the Bigger Small-Block V-8 or the even bigger Big-Block V8 (both engines were significantly larger than their predecessors) and sported a healthy 350 horses under the hood.  The car itself looked like a Chevelle, since it was based on that model, but right after this in 68 they redesigned the vehicle to bring in a new higher performance engine and a new look.  This time the engines were even bigger – and with no more Small Block, instead it had the LS6 V8 added on to the lineup and was capable of 450 horses outright.  73 takes little note since that was a re-styled El Camino that looked like the newly changed Chevelle – it virtually remained the same on the inside as the outside.  Finally in 1978 the most dramatic change was made to the El Camino – it was smaller and had a four headlight front much like the classics from the years before.  The Chevelle at this time had been rendered deceased and as such began to look more like the Malibu.  After 1987 the El Camino followed the path of the Chevelle.

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