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Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty outperforms the competition

The new generation Chevrolet Silverado heavy duty pickup truck is significantly improved than the last models, and it’s not just about the looks and engines.

It also beats the competition where it matters the most, in terms of payload and towing capability.

Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty outperforms the competition silverado

Chevy engineers extensively tested the Silverado and managed to achieve 21,700 pounds of towing, and 6,635 pounds of payload. Based on these ratings, the Silverado HD will offer heavy-duty truck buyers the most power and most capability available in the segment.

                2011 Silverado HD      2010 Ram HD 2011  Ford F-350
  Max. Horsepower     397 hp.           350 hp.          390 hp.
  Max. Torque        765 lb-ft         650 lb-ft        735 lb-ft
  Max. Conventional
   towing           17,000 lbs.       12,000 lbs.      16,000 lbs.
  Max. Fifth-wheel
   towing           21,700 lbs.       18,500 lbs.      21,600 lbs.
  Max GCWR          29,200 lbs.       25,400 lbs.      29,100 lbs.
  --------          -----------       -----------      -----------
  Max. Payload
   capacity          6,635 lbs.       5,130 lbs.       6,520 lbs.

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