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Chevrolet Silverado (Overview)

The Silverado is one of the best selling trucks today, with a great reason as to why.  It is a good truck and a powerful truck, the Silverado has rivaled the Ford F-Series and can outclass it in a few categories.  The truck features both read and full wheel drive, with the Silverado being capable of hauling a whole ten thousand pounds.  The Silverado is of course, based on the GMT800, and it comes in various forms and makes.  If you’re looking for a truck to use for generally lighter trailers you should consider a Light-Duty Silverado, however if you need some extra pull, the Heavy Duty’s do their own bit of damage, in a comparative sense.  The Heavy Duty Silverado is capable of 325 horses with the right engine and each one can come in either a full cab or crew cab, with enough room to seat five people. The models are the Silverado 1500 Regular Cab, which is great for when you are just hauling, and are made with a variety of engines, ranging from 200 horses to 295 horses, make sure you know what you need.  The 1500 Extended cab lets you seat more folks, perfect for if you are needing help with what you’re hauling around.  Then there’s the 2500 (which is no longer produced) that has a 300 horse engine, also a good model.

About the HD’s, or Heavy Duty’s, they come in either the 1500HD the 2500HD or the Silverado 3500 HD models. The 1500 capable of 300 horses and hauling an amazingly huge 10k pounds along with being able to haul 3k in the bed of the truck, the 2500 is capable of 310 or 340 horses and has been able to haul a huge 16k pounds – along with also having 4k in the bed, and the 3500, by far the most powerful, can haul a whopping 16.7K along with 5.5K in the bed.  These trucks are built for power, and power is what they have in them.  They have all been to this point discontinued with the GMT800 series of trucks, and are now going to be replaced with the new GMT900′s.  These upgrades make it worth waiting to see what is new, or just waiting for the price to drop down on the 800′s.

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