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Chevrolet SSR

The Chevrolet SSR is not quite a truck, but at the same time not quite an SUV – it happens to be both when you look at it.  Designed for a sleek appearance and based ion the GMT360 platform this mean machine can do many tasks while remaining to be a pile of metal that can launch itself through a glass window when need be – yes I am joking.  SSR stands for Super Sport Roadster and it is a convertible pickup truck produced between 03 and 06.  No plans to reintroduce the truck are, have been, or likely ever will be, announced.  In ten years time this little ditty will be collectable seeing that only about 24k ever made it off the line.  The power behind this vehicle is the Vortec 5300 V8 engine, or optionally you could bump up from that 5.3L to a much better and powerful 6.0L LS2 V8, giving you 390 horses under its strange looking hood.  The reason this vehicle proved to be so darn un-likeable had to be that it was overall disliked – seeing that sales dropped below expectations forcing layoffs at the SSR factory and losing jobs for folks – then the entire Lansing Craft Center seemed to have been shut down out of spite (it was the place this SSR was built).

Although the SSR wasn’t as popular as hoped, under the hood lies a sleeping powerhouse with the lovely LS2 V8 with modifications in the final production year – I guess they figured what the heck.  The last manuals were capable of 6 speed 400 horsepower fury, while the four speed auto was capable of just 5 horses under that at 395 – and judging by the late release of this modification it is fair to say that had they done it sooner, perhaps it would have been more popular or at least, desirable for the engine output alone.

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