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Choosing a Tachometer for Your Truck

If you are a 4×4 enthusiast, one of the most effective resources you can look at to gain valuable information about your truck, SUV or Jeep is a tachometer.  Unfortunately, not every vehicle comes with a standard tachometer available- especially if you have an automatic transmission.  However, a tachometer is quite easy to add as an aftermarket accessory to practically any vehicle and is quite affordable- even with professional installation.  Here are some tips to consider when thinking about adding a tachometer to your 4×4.

Choosing a Tachometer for Your Truck truck tachometer

What Does a Tachometer Do and Why Should I Want One?
One of the most commonly asked questions 4×4 enthusiasts have is why do I need to have a tachometer?  Well a tachometer tells you the speed that the engine is running in revolutions per minute.  This simple information can be hugely important, especially for those that are looking to get the best performance out of their 4×4 vehicle.  First off if you have a manual transmission, a tachometer will help you shift gears more effectively and economically.  In addition tachometers can also be helpful in letting a vehicle owner know when it is time to set the idle and thirdly- perhaps most importantly for 4×4 enthusiasts that take their vehicles off road, a tachometer can easily tell you when you lose traction.

Buying a Tachometer
The good news is that if you are interested in getting a tachometer for your 4×4, you can usually easily find one that is affordable, offers plenty of features and fits your vehicle nicely.  While some tachometers are made for specific vehicles, others are universal and come with easy to add mounting kits, cables, etc.  If you want a tachometer that fits nicely with the rest of your instrument panel, its best to leave the installation to the professionals, however if you are fairly handy, you can easily add one in just a couple of hours.

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