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Choosing Between Auto and Manual Transmissions

If you are a 4×4 enthusiast and looking to purchase a new pick up truck, Jeep or SUV, one decision you probably will have to make (if you live in the United States) is whether you should opt for a manual or automatic transmission.  While those in Europe and the rest of the world usually don’t have this problem, since most vehicles made outside of the US opt towards manual transmissions, in America you definitely have a choice.  Here are some pluses and minuses on each type.

Automatic Transmission
One reason to choose an automatic transmission is for comfort and convenience.  It’s not a big deal to sit in stop and go traffic with an automatic transmission.  Plus, for most that grew up in the states, chances are you never learned to drive a stick shift.  Automatic transmissions are also much more efficient now than ever.  In fact, some are even more efficient than their manual counterparts with computer controls and recent tech innovations, so you don’t have to worry about wasting gas.  Finally, if you drive a truck or SUV, owning an automatic is plain easier, in the case someone in your family has to drive it and the comfort factor of not worrying about driving with two feet all the time.

Manual Transmissions
Manual transmissions are usually more fuel efficient and offer drivers much more control of the vehicle.  For instance, if you are trying to get up a hill, switching gears on your terms makes conquering that hill much easier.  And for authentic 4×4 driving, you shouldn’t choose anything else but a manual transmission.  But if you use your vehicle for other uses, either can satisfy.   Finally, manual transmissions are usually cheaper and make the cost of a vehicle less expensive.

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