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Choosing Between Synthetic or Conventional Motor Oil

If you are looking to enhance the performance of your 4×4 vehicle, one item that is essential to high performance and long lasting reliability of your truck, Jeep or SUV is it’s engine oil.  Oil helps to lubricate your engine keeping it working in a high temperature environment.  Here are some tips on the types of oil to use.

There are mainly two types of oil- conventional oil and synthetic oil.  Conventional oil is what most of us are used to.  This oil is relatively unprocessed and unrefined, but for most trucks and other 4×4 vehicles, it works well and is usually recommended by vehicle manufactures.  The other type of oil being sold in today’s auto part stores is synthetic oil.  Synthetic oil has been heavily processed and includes additives such as PAO which can increase durability by keeping the oil in the engine from breaking down from the heat and viscosity.

Choosing Between Synthetic or Conventional Motor Oil motor oil clipart

Conventional oil is usually quite affordable and for most vehicles- especially those that perform light tasks perfectly fine.  In fact, most vehicle manufacturers usually state conventional oil as the choice for one to use.  However if you use your truck or SUV for heavy duty hauling or towing, you may want to look into synthetic oil.  While synthetic oil is much more expensive, for those heavy duty tasks you may get more reliability and durability from your engine due to the extra protection that synthetic oil provides.

There is also something called synthetic blend oil.  This is a cross between conventional and synthetic oil.  While more reasonably priced, synthetic blend is not processed and refined like true synthetic oil, however additives are added to make it more resistant to heat and viscosity break down.  Generally speaking, for heavy duty users, synthetic oil is definitely worth looking into.  If you are a light user, conventional oil should be fine.

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