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Choosing the Right Lift Kit

For those that are serious about off roading or that want a higher profile, a lift kit can be just the thing to do it.  Lift kits are the easiest ways to raise your vehicle several inches higher.  Lift kits are perfect for most 4×4 trucks, jeeps and even SUV’s (they also work on cars, but they do look a little weird).  There are a wide variety of lifts available including:  spring over axle, coil suspensions, shackle reverse, lifted springs, etc.  Lifting your car/truck is not for beginners, while it can be a rewarding project, most enthusiasts that lift their vehicle will tell you that you should have a good mechanic standing by in case you need to consult them on a variety of issues.

Choosing the Right Lift Kit monster truck lift kit

There are plenty of issues to be concerned about.  Some of the things that take precedence when choosing the right lift kit is obviously the make, model and year of the vehicle and the height that you would like to lift it.  While a couple of inches higher is usually the easiest to achieve, for those that are going higher than 4 inches, it will definitely complicate their project due to many of their components such as brake lines, control arm, steering linkage, etc being affected.  One tip is to first go small and then increase, however for those 4×4 enthusiasts that know exactly the height they want their vehicle, definitely lift your vehicle to the height you prefer.

One of the things to keep in mind is that lifting the vehicle is half the problem, the other half is driving the vehicle and uncovering issues once the vehicle has been lifted.  Unfortunately, there is really no way to tell how your vehicle will handle until after it is lifted and being driven off road or on the pavement.