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Crazy about Monster Trucks

Monster trucks are gigantic machines. These 4-wheel drive trucks are designed for torque instead of speed. They can crush cars and move up hills and down slopes by virtue of sheer brute power. They are unstoppable.

A man named Bob Chandler from Saint Louis inspired the monster truck craze. Chandler, an off-road vehicle enthusiast stuck some four-foot high tires on his Ford F250 pick-up truck to make it look bigger and better. To promote his 4×4 shop, he took his now bigger pick-up truck to a field where he lined up some junk cars and drove over them. With the success of this attempt, he did it again a few months after in a stadium in front of a large crowd and it was a hit. He called his truck Big Foot, after the hairy ape-like creature.

Soon, the trend of driving a monster truck over junked cars became a trend that took off across America. Chandler’s Big Foot became a legend in truck-pulling circles. Other 4×4 enthusiast also started building their own monster trucks, modifying them with better engines, putting on better suspensions, and much bigger tires. With technology advancement, monster trucks of today are a lot lighter and technically advanced- with tubular chassis frame and fiberglass bodies.

Monster truck rallies have attracted fans from all ages. Fans can’t wait for the next rally to come to there towns. They gather information on their favorite monster truck teams and drivers, and even go on tours with them. Monster truck rallies are organized to appeal to everyone. Monster truck fans are so crazy about this sport that they wouldn’t mind getting a bit dirty just to get a seat close to the floor.

Most rallies encourage their fans to participate and interact with the team and drivers through their parties. They allow fans to come down to the field before or after each event to give them a chance to take a closer look at their favorite monster trucks. Monster truck fans just can’t get enough of the loud engine sounds of these humongous trucks. Monster trucks are everywhere. The monster truck craze has affected other areas of the world. They are in toys and video games, and are very popular especially to radio control modelers. They have their own racing events, too.

So if you haven’t been to one of those monster truck rallies, check out the web for schedules and head on to their next stop. Bring your family with you, and they will surely enjoy the experience.

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