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Credit Card for Gas

The international petroleum prices have not been stable for some time and it could stay the same for a longer period. However, its importance will not depreciate unless transportation will find a better way to fuel up its machines. For now, no matter how much the prices would go, it is still a necessity for most people to gas-up their vehicles to go on with their daily activities. With the growing problem attacking the consumers, it’s not surprising to know that petroleum companies have come up with promo that would somehow heed the needs of their customers.

Credit Card for Gas fuel indicator

One of the actions taken by most gas companies is teaming up with banks or certain financial organizations, their product – gas-rebate credit cards or exclusive credit cards for gas. At the sound of this offer, it is undoubtedly very attractive. Imagine, for every time you fill up your vehicle, there is a percentage credited back to your account. Interesting, isn’t it? But then this popularity must not blind its prospects immediately.

The big letters might really mean great savings, but how about those in fine print? Do these things affect your savings positively? To avoid further financial burden and other problems, it is recommended that one consults a representative from the bank where the credit card will be applied from, to discuss details of the said program. However, various observations and information have been shared and discovered by financial critics. These things might help you to decide whether or not credit card for gas will be a good choice.

One of the considerations an applicant must look to is the rate of rebate that is being offered. In most cases, these rebates have their “catch” as to offering a large amount of rate upon acquisition. Some of the leading gas-rebate credit card companies can offer you up to 6% on gas purchases, but it is only applicable for the first 90 days. After the introductory period, it will be reduced to 3% only, which is the standard rate of their services. Others might give you 5% refund for the same type of purchases plus other applicable inclusions, such as rebates on drugstores, selected supermarkets and even convenience stores. But then, you will discover that it is only valid for a month or two, and then a lesser rate is the real extent that can be offered by the card for the whole duration of its use. At least, there is rebate, than nothing!

Another thing that most people look at before getting this kind of card is its partner companies. Of course, when you have something that would be of value, you wanted to use it extensively. The more partner establishments declared the more chances of saving on your purchases. But then, not all stations are supporting a particular brand or kind of credit card, so at some gas stations, you may not be able to use your card. One more fall back, only a few would entertain a full rebate.

These are just some of the things a motorist would need to know so when a gas credit card is offered, there can be smarter assessment, and your goal of saving will not turn oppositely.

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