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Detail Your Truck

For 4×4 enthusiasts, there is a special pride when you have a nice, clean, well detailed truck, SUV or Jeep.  If you are looking to enhance your vehicle, one of the best ways to do it is by detailing it.  Detailing is just a fancy word used to mean that you clean your vehicle from head to toe.  While 4×4’s are usually great looking when there’s mud all over them, when on the road, its always a good idea to make sure your 4×4 vehicle sparkles for everyone to see.  Here are some tips on detailing.

Detail Your Truck truck cleaning

Detailing Starts with Great Supplies
Today, you can walk into most auto parts shops and large auto retail big box stores and see a whole line of products made especially to detail your car.  There are plenty of exterior soaps, waxes, cleaning equipment, shampoos, tire cleaners, shammy’s and more to make sure you do your job well when its time to detail.  While a professional detail can cost a couple of hundred bucks to detail, wax and buff your vehicle, you can easily do it for at least ¼ the cost and much less if you detail your vehicle often.  Just some of the items that you should definitely purchase when detailing your vehicle include a wash and wax combo, a degreaser to get off grease from the exterior, engine cleaner, tire cleaner, chrome cleaner, interior rug shampoo, leather and vinyl protectorate, an all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, good shammys, a few towels, a bucket, soft sponges and brushes.

Practice Makes Perfect
For those planning on detailing their vehicle for the first time, just note that practice makes perfect.  It can take a few trials to get your vehicle nice, clean and shiny.  There are also plenty of books available that go through the entire process in lots of detail.

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