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Dodge Durango Hemi Hybrid

With large SUV’s getting massacred in the market, more and more car companies are moving in the direction of hybrids and fuel efficient vehicles.  One of the more appealing vehicles now coming to market is the Dodge Durango Hemi Hybrid.  While the word hybrid sticks out, for true 4×4 enthusiasts, you should know that besides offering the fuel efficiency of a hybrid, this vehicle is largely unchanged and offers plenty of power which includes a great Hemi engine and about 350 horsepower- which means you not only save on fuel and are greener, but still get some great thrills and utility.

Dodge Durango Hemi Hybrid dodge durango hemi hybrid

The Engine and Transmission of the Dodge Durango Hemi Hybrid
Under the hood of the Dodge Durango Hemi Hybrid, you will find a great engine that sports a 5.7 liter V8 with a 90 degree DOHC.  This powerful engine produces about 345 horsepower and 380 lb ft of torque giving you plenty of power when you need it.  Matched with this engine is a very decent 4 speed automatic CVT transmission.  Regarding the hybrid part of this vehicle, the Durango has a 2 mode hybrid system.  It uses a pair of electric motors that are housed inside the transmission to provide fuel efficiency at speeds that reach up to 40 mph.  This system works with the Hemi’s multi displacement system which offers lots of power whether the vehicle is working on 4 cylinders or 8.

All in all this vehicle offers plenty a nice gain in fuel efficiency.  While not a spectacular gain, you will usually get about 20 mpg which is pretty good for a SUV of the size and power of the Durango.  Regarding price, the Durango Hemi Hybrid is a little expensive with a base price of about $45K.

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