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Dodge Power Wagon

The old classic Power Wagon, before the D series this was Dodge’s premier truck, [produced between 45 and 69. The original designs for the Power Wagon were from the military vehicles they had manufactured during the war, and were 3/4 ton. The truck had a four speed transmission and was able to haul a massive 8,700 pounds, along with carrying a payload of 3k pounds. The Dodge Power Wagon was the predecessor to all the future Dodge trucks, and it even had four wheel drive. The Dodge Power Wagon had several models, with the light duty Power Wagon being the W100, and the W200. The WD100 was a light 1/2 ton truck that had two wheel drive while the W200 had four wheel drive. Then a one ton vehicle was created, and it was the W300 Power Wagon (sans light duty, this was the real deal) which was their largest – based on the W300M, a U.S. military truck in service during Korea.

Soon, a W500 two ton Dodge Power Wagon was built, and it lasted until 1969, replaced by the W600 which stopped production in 1977. To make up for the loss of the W600 when many Dodge vehicles were discontinued a W400 was released. Finally the Power Wagon name was dropped in 1981 when the Dodge Ram came into production, with the four wheel drive power models being sold under the name “Power Ram” until 1993. The truck served in World War II, the Korean War, and may have been used in some locations during Vietnam. The Dodge Power Wagon sold for under 2k in 1946, with the price going up to 2,045 dollars between 1948 and 1950 – and consistently going up afterwards until 1968 when the last domestic versions were released – you could get one for just 4,600 dollars U.S.D. in 1968 and boasted a 125 horsepower engine.

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