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Dodge Ram 50

The Dodge Ram 50 and D 50 was a compact pickup truck that was offered in the market (This was Dodge’s only compact pickup truck, as today they make the full size Dodge Ram, and mid-size Dodge Dakota) in 1979 until 1993. What is interesting is that the first generation of the truck was produced from 1979 until 1986, with it being called two other names. Originally it began production when the D series was still the dominant name and truck that Dodge produced, later when they changed to Dodge Ram the D 50 became the Dodge Ram 50 – but it was also known as the Plymouth Arrow Truck (between 1979 and 1982). The engines on this old model were four strokes, one being a 2.0L that only had 93 horses, and the other having 2.6L with a hundred horses or so. The truck came in two layouts, a two door or a four door, along with it having the usual front engine rear wheel drive, and a four wheel drive model too.

In 1986 the Dodge Ram 50 was redesigned and marked the beginning of the second generation, this was also the same year the Dodge Dakota was released – and the Dakota would replace the Ram 50 just a short six years later. However, because the Dakota was (the first) mid-sized truck, the Dodge Ram 50 continued to sell reasonably well, and when it was discontinued it was more of a company political move than anything else – with them trying to show that they were independent from other manufacturing firms or other car companies. The final generation saw the same two door or four door layout with the same front engine mount, and either two or four wheel drive. The transmission was a four speed auto or five speed manual, and the engines were

Either four strokes at 116 horses or the V6 which gave it a much nicer 142 horses and probably helped to extend its life in the nineties.

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