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Dodge Ram SRT-10

In 2002 Dodge decided to introduce a new kind of Ram, one that had more speed, in fact the entire reason they made it was for speed.  This vehicle was based on the same Dodge series in production, and is manufactured up to this year, with its end of production being 2007.  The Dodge Ram SRT-10 has an 8.3L 500 horse V10 engine that can suck gas down like you would not believe – it also has the same transmission options as the normal Dodge Ram.  Its fuel capacity is 26 gallons and it is capable of reaching 0-60 in 4.8 seconds.  Read that again.  4.6 seconds from a Dodge truck that has 525 pounds per foot of torque.  The entire vehicle minus a passenger weighs five thousand pounds and it can go a hundred and fifty five miles per hour, in addition to having one of the most powerful V-10s available.  By default the Dodge Ram SRT-10 came with an eight speaker stereo system and sub-woofers that have over five hundred watts of sound combined.  The neighborhood would hear that one coming.

In twenty hundred and five the Quad Cab was released so you could take the kids, the dog, and then scare them to death by jumping from zero to sixty in just fewer than five seconds – give Sparky a new love of life with this beast.  The SRT-10 was not a hot seller because it had only a 9 mile per gallon gas rating for city driving, and just 12 gallons per mile for highway going.  In august of last year it was selling for only 28k, and that was new!  The truck held the 2004 record for fastest production truck in the world.  The final Dodge SRT-10 rolled off the assembly line last June, and had only really been in production for just two years – but fear not!  There is a likely chance they will bring it back in a new form when they switch to the 2009 Dodge Ram generation of trucks, although the SRT-10 designation may change.

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